Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer Review – A Budget Choice

Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer Review

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Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer Review – A Budget Choice
Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer Review – A Budget Choice

Whenever you think of a refreshing glass of fruit juice, you keep thanking the efficiency of your juicer machine at the back of your mind. You must have an efficient juicer like Usha Nutripress with revolutionary technologies to save you more time when you are in haste. Well, let’s look at the Usha Nutripress (361S) 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer review, where we have analyzed its significant features.

It is one of the most methodical and finest cold press juicers available in the market presently. Over the last few years, this particular model has bagged hundreds of positive reviews as a cold press slow juicer.

The manufacturer, Usha, has done a fantastic job, coming up with a powerful juicer at a competitive price. This juicer, made in India, is a compact appliance loaded with features that fulfill every need.

Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer Review

Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer Features

  • 6.1 Kg weight with a titanium blade.
  • 6 liters capacity with versatile features of juicing hard vegetables and nuts.
  • The appliance is 38.1 x 33.1 x 33.1 cm in dimensions.
  • The motor has a powerful 200-Watt capacity and is long-lasting.
  • Fabricated with Acrylonitrile Butadiene with a finished polish.
  • Cold press technology with low temperature is a unique and innovative feature.
  • The pusher and juicer bowls, along with coarse filters, are available.
  • The company provides a cleaning brush along with the juicer.
  • Both fine and coarse filters are available with the package.
  • It comes with all the necessary components like an auger, pusher, pulp, and juice container.

Overview of Usha Nutripress (361S) 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Before proceeding to the purchase decision, you would like to get a complete insight into this particular juicer. This Usha Nutripress review would help you to understand this product in a better way. This product is from Usha International Ltd. is 38.1 x 33.1 x 33.1 cm and has a net weight of 6.1 Kg. Usha Nutripress (361S) 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer can be a practical appliance in juicing solid vegetables, nuts, grains, frozen desserts, and soft vegetables. It is also available in various cities with a prior demo. 

This juicer contains a unique technology-based cleaning brush inside it and a pusher on the top side. You need to twist the cleaning brush to use these extraordinary features. Various features have been integrated into the product with coarse filter, juice bowl, etc.

Design of Usha Nutripress Cold Press Slow Juicer

The Usha Nutripress slow juicers are top-rated, thanks to their unique technology and sleek look. Besides, the manufacturer prioritizes the quality of the appliance, using long-lasting materials. This specific model comprises Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with a polished outer body in white and orange colors. It comes with a 100% genuine copper motor, which helps grind hard items like nuts.

This Acrylonitrile Butadiene assures juice quality and long-term usage for you as it is a BPA-grade plastic product. Hence, you do not have to be anxious about juice quality and your health. 

Its sleek design and extensive features have earned Usha Nutripress several international awards like the Good Design Award and the Spark Award.

Usha Nutripress comes with a powerful motor that can juice enough fruits and vegetables within a limited time. You would save a lot of time with this model in your kitchen. You do not need to cut the ingredients as you do in a traditional juicer. The elegant design makes the product more overwhelming and easy to use. 

Usha Nutripress (361S) Juicer Performance and Best Uses

The Usha Nutripress (361S) 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer functions with a speed of 70 RPM. The power needed for the appliance to run is approximately 200 watts. Thus, the juicer can seamlessly extract juices from the hardest ingredients. Therefore, the 200-watt cold press juicer is a robust and versatile appliance.

The Usha Nutripress (361S) has received positive feedback from the customers as it benefited them substantially. It demonstrates the juicer’s ability to extract high amounts of juices from fruits and vegetables without disrupting the quality of the juice. It keeps the juice healthy and natural, retaining the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes intact. The juicer also can extract juices from hard components consisting of nuts, soy, and almonds with ease.

The Nutripress cold press juicer can also prepare homemade items for immunity boosters and detoxification. Various usable components come along with the product that increases its value, and these key features make this product a perfect juicer at a budget-friendly price.

Warranty and Customer Care of Usha

This Usha Nutripress (361S) 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer comes with a long lifeline. The brand provides a 5-year warranty on the motor and 2 years on the product. The product would last for more than 10 years and offer high production value to the consumers.

 However, for any assistance or demonstration of the product, users can reach the customer care support of Usha, which is available throughout India. The brand is highly committed to offering premium quality products and support to its customers.

8.5Expert Score
ProJuicer Rating

Based on Critical Decision-Making Factors

Material Quality And Durability
Ease of Use
Cleaning and Maintenance
What We Like About It
  • It follows a cold-pressed mechanism that retains high nutrition and vitamins from fruits.
  • Capable of extracting more juice in comparison with the other models.
  • The item is versatile and can juice out most fruits and vegetables.
  • The juicer also comes with a safety lock mechanism system that is unlockable.
  • The item extracts natural and healthy juices by maintaining a low temperature.
  • A free recipe book is included with the product.
  • With the cleaning gear, you can remove the pulp easily.
  • The parts have high durability that ensures a long lifetime.
  • Extra components are provided along with the product.
  • It operates with a low level of noise.
  • The item is lighter in weight in comparison to other products.
What We Do Not Like
  • The motor speed (70 RPM) is comparatively high.
  • Short diameter of feeding tube.
  • High price compared to the facilities.

Usha Nutripress 361S Cold Press Slow Juicer – Bottom Line

Now you have got a thorough understanding of this cold press juicer; hence it is up to you to decide whether it is worth the money or not. Though the product is costlier than Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer (review), it comparably affordable to the other available juicer in the market, costing under ₹20000 with unique technology.

It gives you a provision to juice hard food like frozen desserts, nuts, and hard vegetables that is not available in any other average juicer. The product comes with a cleaning brush and other components such as bowls, pushers, and filters.

We have discussed all the necessary features regarding this specific product on its price, usage, and technology-oriented information in this Usha Nutripress cold press juicer review. 

The product is lightweight, which gives you more freedom to shift it around your kitchen. It is one of the most structured and sleek juicers with multi-facilities in the modern market now, designed to provide you with a hassle-free juicing experience in lesser time. Hopefully, you will make a worthy and intelligent purchase decision for yourself.

Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Juicer – Price and Specs

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Usha Nutripress (361S) 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (White/Orange)

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