Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer Review – An Inexpensive Choice

Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer Review

Rs. 11,700 Rs. 14,790

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Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer Review – An Inexpensive Choice
Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer Review – An Inexpensive Choice
Rs. 11,700 Rs. 14,790

Juicing nutritious fruits and vegetables turns out to be necessary when considering a healthy lifestyle. Under any condition, you would be looking for an affordable and feature-packed cold press juicer like Usha CPJ 382S to enhance your juicing experience. Well, let’s look at the characteristic powers of the latest Usha NutriPress Cold Press Juicer review.  

This is a great product with a comprehensive range of facilities at a very cost-effective price. The Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer has received a lot of positive responses from customers as it can extract more anti-oxidants from the ingredients. 

If you are looking for an affordable juicer with the most relevant features, you must check this product. However, when you plan to grab a juicer, you must check a few essential specifications like price, speed, durability, etc. This product is manufactured in India and by Usha International Ltd. The elegant juicer can seamlessly blend into your kitchen while easing up your juicing proceedings!

Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer Review

Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer Features

  • It is a lightweight juicer, weighing 3.86 Kg with a light plastic body.
  • The appliance comes in 20.4 x 24.4 x 42.6 Cm dimensions.
  • It has been integrated with low-temperature juicing technology.
  • The 200-Watt motor has long-lasting life and a decent capacity.
  • This Usha Nutripress cold press juicer has maximum extraction capacity with a coarse filter.
  • Usha International offers free home service with 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • The motor has a speed of 67 RPM comes with a safety lock.
  • This product functions to retain more anti-oxidants to add more nutrient value to your juice.
  • The main components include a juicing bowl, a fine filter, pulp container, auger, and the feeding tube.
  • An easy cleaning brush is available with the product to rinse it.
  • This product is lightweight and easy to install.

Overview of Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer

Before proceeding to the next step, you may like to get a concrete idea about the capabilities and performance of the Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer. This review will help you understand its strengths appropriately. Usha International Ltd manufactures the product.

Usha CPJ 382S cold press juicer is light in weight at 3.86 Kg, making it handy enough. It measures 20.4 x24.4 x42.6 cm in dimensions. The reputed manufacturers have incorporated it with the coarse filter and low-temperature juicing technology.

The Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer can be reviewed as a perfect juicer ensuring silent operation that comes at a very affordable price in the Indian market. It also has the safety lock feature, making it a powerful machine for your kitchen.

This juicer comprises a feeding tube, pulp container, cleaning brush, juicing bowl, auger, spinning brush, and fine filter. It is a durable product and comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and 2 years on the product. This appliance can juice both soft and hard vegetables like beetroots.

Most importantly, it retains more anti-oxidants which adds extra nutritional value to the juice. Also, the Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer is a very compact product that fulfills all the requirements of a perfect cold press juicer at an affordable price.

Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer Design

This slow juicer from the reputed brand, Usha, has become a popular appliance in the Indian market for its multifaceted features and portability. It comes in white and black colors, while the sleek design makes it aesthetically appealing. Who doesn’t like to enrich the looks of their kitchen with sophisticated appliances like this one?

A cleaning brush with a coarse filter is available for proper rinsing of the appliance after use. The product weighs only 3.86 Kg which is easy to carry from one place to another. This Usha cold press juicer assures you a long-term guarantee with low-temperature juicing technology. Moreover, you will be able to grind hard vegetables like beetroot within a very shorter period which makes it value-worthy. 

Performance and Uses of Usha CPJ 382S

The Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer can operate at a speed of 67 RPM that is quite faster than the traditional juicer. The amount of power needed to run the motor is 200-Watts, and thus, it is an efficient juicer capable of extracting nutrients from hard vegetables very quickly. The 200-Watts cold press juicer is a compact and highly efficient one.

The slow juicer from Usha has received hundreds of positive feedbacks from the buyers as the product holistically caters to their requirements. With this juicer at your disposal, you will be able to extract juice from all sources. The enzymes and vitamins remain intact while it retains the anti-oxidants. This helps to detoxify your body and keep it healthy. 

This appliance functions with low-temperature juicing technology and gives a natural taste to the juice. Usha cold press juicer is loaded with all the necessary features, making it a good option. When you are low on budget yet need an efficient juicer, it makes sense to go for this Indian brand.

Warranty and Customer Care Support

The branded product from Usha International Ltd. comes with a considerable warranty. This brand offers 5 years warranty on the motor and 2 years warranty on the main product. Hence, the users can enjoy the benefits over a prolonged period and seek assistance from the manufacturer if needed. 

Usha International also provides free home service and an instruction manual along with the juicer. In this instruction manual, you will find detailed instructions on using and maintaining the appliance.

8.6Expert Score
ProJuicer Rating

Based on Critical Decision-Making Factors

Material Quality And Durability
Ease of Use
Cleaning and Maintenance
What We Like About It
  • It can extract juice from hard vegetables like beetroots and carrots.
  • The speed of the motor at 67 RPM juices fruits and veggies retaining nutrients and vitamins.
  • The slow juicer extracts enzymes that are beneficial for health.
  • This is a lightweight juicer and easy to carry in a kitchen.
  • The power requirement for the motor is moderate.
  • Its low-temperature juicing technology keeps the product from extreme heating.
  • It retains antioxidants in the juice, ensuring proper detoxification in the system.
  • Large 80 mm feeding tube helps to juice whole fruits.
  • It is a budget-friendly juicer.
What We Do Not Like
  • The juicer generates a little noise while extracting juice from hard fruits and vegetables.
  • The cleaning process is relatively time-consuming.
  • Overall quality needs improvement.

Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer – Bottom Line

After going through the detailed Usha cold press juicer review, it’s time for you to decide whether the product is money-worthy or not.

The appliance costs under ₹15000, while the lightweight model with distinctive facilities justifies the price. It is more affordable than Usha Nutripress 361S Cold Press Slow Juicer (review). Additionally, the juicer comes with a low-temperature juicing technology and retains anti-oxidants. The package comprises all the necessary accessories like pulp container, auger, feeding tube, and juicing bowl, which proves to be value-worthy. Eventually, it can be the perfect juicer for your domestic kitchen.

Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer – Price and Specs

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Rs. 11,700 Rs. 14,790

We have discussed all the essential features of the Usha CPJ 382S NutriPress Cold Press Juicer. Usha has been a trustworthy brand in the Indian market for years. The product has all the necessary features and promises to provide you with a better juicing experience. Considering these benefits, you might consider integrating the appliance into your kitchen.

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