Philips Daily Collection Juicer Mixer Grinder (HL7576) Review

Are you looking for a juicer mixer grinder from a reliable brand while staying within a tight budget? Well, this Philips Daily Collection Juicer Mixer Grinder (HL7576) review should be of interest to you. Manufactured by Philips, a reputed brand that has been in the Indian market for decades, this mixer grinder costs less than ₹5000.

This, together with the various features offered by the appliance, ensures great value for money. The manufacturer has designed it to be a versatile and easy-to-use mixer grinder perfect for Indian cooking. You may use it for a variety of purposes, including dry grinding, wet grinding, and juicing.

The 600-watt Philips juicer mixer grinder is quite an energy efficient and delivers good performance. You wouldn’t have to compromise on product quality either, considering the brand’s reputation in this regard.

Philips Daily Collection Juicer Mixer Grinder (HL7576) Review

Features And Specs Of Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder

  • The Philips juicer mixer grinder has three jars.
  • It has an easy grip online pulp chamber.
  • Food-grade stainless steel has been used in the appliance.
  • The juicer jar has a specially designed sieve for juice extraction.
  • This appliance boasts a spill-free spout.
  • All three jars are leakproof and have secure locking mechanisms.
  • The mixer grinder has anti-skid feet underneath.
  • Each jar comes with sturdy stainless steel blades.
  • The product comes with a two-year warranty.

Design Of Philips HL7576 Juicer Mixer Grinder

The Philips Daily Collection Juicer Mixer Grinder – HL7576 is rather simple in design, but this doesn’t mean the product doesn’t look good. It actually looks quite great and would be a perfect fit for a contemporary Indian kitchen. The body is a mix of white and light blue, while the pulp chamber is transparent. The transparency not only adds to the style of the product but is also very practical as it allows you to keep an eye on the pulp quantity at all times.

The appliance is 39.2 cm long, 31.2 cm wide, and 34.1 cm tall, weighing 3560 grams. This also makes it much lighter than most of the other juicers and, therefore, easy to handle. The grinding and mixing jar is 0.75 liters, which is relatively smaller. However, the blender jar is large enough, with a capacity of 1.5 liters. The chutney jar is 400 ml, which should be sufficient.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the blades are notably strong and sturdy. The body of the Philips Mixer Grinder is extremely durable too, thanks to its high-grade plastic. The grinding and chutney jars are of the same material too, along with stainless steel. The blending jar has a transparent plastic body that would allow you to watch the blending or juicing process.

Parts and components of Philips Daily Collection Juicer Mixer Grinder (HL7576)

Overall, the product carries a simple yet sophisticated look and features excellent build quality that you’d appreciate.

Performance, Yield, And Efficiency Of Philips HL7576

Despite having relatively much lower wattage than its closest competitors like Sujata Powermatic Plus (Review) or Prestige Iris (Review), this 600-watt mixer grinder can easily rival them in performance. The Torque-X motor delivers high grinding and juicing performance.

Thanks to this, the juicer mixer grinder can seamlessly deal with most fruits and vegetables. Although it doesn’t deliver the best performance while juicing citrus fruits, it still gets the job done. Overall, the appliance is quite efficient and is definitely a good choice if you seek a mixer grinder with low power consumption.

The specially designed sieve helps the juicer mixer grinder yield the maximum amount of juices. This product is perfect for making orange juice, smoothies, shakes, and other juice-based beverages. You may also use it to create vegetable or spice pastes, dosa/idli batter, peanut butter, etc. In regards to the versatility of the appliance, you might also want to note that it comes with three-speed controls.

The pulp ejection system in Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder – HL7576 deserves special mention. While juicing, the pulp collects in a transparent, external pulp chamber which you can use for various purposes. As it is possible to detach this chamber without shutting off the machine, you can use the juicer constantly when making large amounts of juice. This also makes this appliance suitable for commercial use, where fast-paced operation is necessary.

Uses of Philips Daily Collection Juicer Mixer Grinder (HL7576)

Whether you want a juicer for mango and watermelon smoothies in summer or citrus fruit juices in winter, this product is well worth your money.

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Safety, Vibration And Noise Generation

Unfortunately, this mixer grinder with juicer is a bit on the noisy side like similar products. If you are specifically looking for a mixer grinder with low noise and vibration, there are better options like Nutribullet Pro for you.

However, the appliance is perfectly safe, and the jars have an excellent locking mechanism. Thanks to these leakproof jars, you’ll never have to worry about juices or other ingredients spilling all over the appliance and causing problems.

Ease Of Use, Cleaning, And Maintenance Of Philips HL7576

Are you particularly looking for a hassle-free juicer mixer grinder that would be easy to operate? Well, this one has rather simple operations – all you have to do is set up the jar and adjust the speed as per your requirements. It should be quite easy to use, even for beginners. Learn how to use a juicer mixer grinder properly.

Cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t be much trouble either, thanks to the leakproof jar locking system. As long as you don’t manually spill anything, you won’t have to worry about getting the appliance messy with food or juices all over it. This is an important advantage of electric juicers over manual or hand operated juicers.

These features make this Philips daily collection juicer mixer grinder perfect for daily use since cleaning and maintenance breaks between cooking can prove to be a hassle.

Warranty And Customer Service Of Philips

One of the key reasons to choose a brand like Philips is its stellar customer service. When buying any electronic appliance, choosing a brand from which you’d receive reliable after-sales services as needed is a good idea.

Philips is one of the most reliable home appliance brands in India, and you should be able to get your mixer grinder services without much hassle should something go wrong. Call 18001081800 to book a service request.

The manufacturer also covers this appliance with a two-year warranty, which is definitely a great perk. Not only is a decent warranty period helpful, but it also reassures one about the quality of a product.

Price And Affordability Of Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder

The affordable pricing of this juicer mixer grinder is one of the biggest reasons to buy it. Priced in the range of ₹4000 to ₹5000, it’s cheaper than similar products like Havells Stilus from other leading brands. For alternative options at your preferable budget, check juicer mixer grinder price list in India and select the ideal price range for you.

If you are looking for a low-cost juicer mixer grinder for home use, this one is definitely worth your attention. Here is the best price to avail for this product-

Rs. 4,249
Rs. 4,795
13 new from Rs. 4,248
as of 10/08/2022 12:17 am
9.1Expert Score
ProJuicer Rating

Prestige Iris 750-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

Efficiency and Yield
Ease of Use
Cleaning and Maintenance
  • The mixer grinder is suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Low pricing makes the product particularly pocket-friendly.
  • The spill-proof spout and the leakproof jars will help you avoid spills and keep the appliance clean.
  • You can seamlessly powder ginger and other spices with this mixer grinder.
  • The entire product is durable, including the handles and the jars.
  • Despite being of only 600 watts, the motor is powerful.
  • This mixer grinder is energy-efficient.
  • The wattage is comparatively less with slower RPM.
  • This mixer grinder is noisy, especially during dry grinding.

Philips Daily Collection Juicer Mixer Grinder (HL7576) Review – What Makes It Worthy?

We have penned down the detailed review of Philips HL7576 daily collection juicer mixer grinder in terms of design, performance, yield, efficiency, safety, noise, vibration, price, warranty, customer service, ease of use, cleaning, and maintenance. Refer to the above benefits and drawbacks to get its unbiased review.

We can conclude this Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder – HL7576 review with the verdict that the product offers superb value for money. It offers a nice blend of high energy efficiency, performance, and affordable pricing – all at once. You should definitely consider it among your options. Hopefully, you will be able to make a wise choice without any doubt now.

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