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If you want to boost your immune system and aid your digestive system with healthy ingredients, fresh juices can be an excellent option for your regular diet. A technologically upgraded cold press juicer like Kenwood JMP400WH would be ideal for saving your time when you are in a rush, right?

Well, let’s look at the distinctive features of this Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer review. This branded product happens to be one of the most-selling juicers in today’s market at a reasonable price. This model has gained tremendous popularity in India as a robust cold press slow juicer.

If you are searching for a cold press juicer with sophisticated features, it makes sense to check out the price and features of this model. However, when you are planning to purchase a juicer, you should also know the speed of the motor and what food or vegetables they can juice. It serves as an efficient juicer with unique features and comes at a cost-effective price in the current marketplace.

Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer Review

Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer Features

  • 5.1 kg lightweight with light plastic body.
  • 1.3 liters capacity with flexible features for juicing vegetables and fruits.
  • 15x20x43 cm dimension with 1-liter juice container.
  • A 1.3 liters pulp container has been integrated to collect extra pulp from the fruits and vegetables.
  • The motor has long-lasting life and has a 140-Watt capacity.
  • Scroll juicing technology is available for more natural fresh juice.
  • The anti-drip stopper has been explicitly designed in this Kenwood slow juicer.
  • Upgraded cleaning and rinsing technologies are available for providing hassle-free cleaning.
  • To ensure a seamless assembly, it comes with a smaller filter.
  • It is portable and lightweight, implying easy installation in your kitchen.

Overview of Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Juicer

 Before proceeding further, you may like to get a complete overview of the features of the Kenwood Cold Press Slow Juicer. This review will help you to get a better understanding of this product. This is a 5.1 kg cold press juicer with a 15x20x43 cm dimension and 1.3 liters of capacity. Interestingly, it is a perfect juicer with scroll juicing technology and an anti-drip stopper. It comes at a very affordable price in Indian markets.

This juicer comprises of 1-liter juice container and rinsing technology for better cleaning. It is a compact and lightweight cold press juicer that can appease your juice-preparation process. The company provides a pulp collector for collecting extra pulp from vegetables and fruits, keeping the juice smoother and fresher. Use the pulps for non-conventional purposes without throwing them out. 

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Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer Design

The Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer has gained consistent popularity because of its multifaceted features and solid plastic body. It comes with a 100% genuine motor made with copper and ensures a reliable performance. This product has a steel grinder plate that helps make the most delicate juice within a concise duration.

A long cleaning brush is available to rinse it properly after making juice. Moreover, you have all the cleaning accessories and the pulp container. The bright plastic material enhances its visual appeal significantly.

Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer has earned it hundreds of positive reviews. It continues to be one of the most outstanding cold press juicers in terms of design and functionalism.

The Kenwood juicer comes with a light body of 5.1 kg that can make fresh and natural juice that can last for at least 3 days if stored in a fridge. Moreover, you will save valuable time by using this juicer. Some unique features have also been introduced in this product, absent in the other traditional juicers. Most importantly, it retains the nutritional value of the ingredients to optimize your health benefits.

Performance and Best Uses of Kenwood JMP400WH

The Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer can work with a speed of 55 RPM. This makes it a relatively slow juicer compared to the ordinary ones. The power needed to run the motor is 140 watts. However, it can be an effective juicer that can extract juice without pulps from fruits and vegetables in lesser time. This 140-watt cold press juicer is a compact and highly efficient one compared to manual juicers for your home.

This model has received plenty of positive feedbacks from the customers, and they are delighted with its performance. The product is an efficient one to extract juice from all sources.

This juicer ensures the retention of the nutritional value of the juice. It also makes the juice extraction process easy with its robust technology. It keeps the vitamins, enzymes, minerals intact to boost your immune system and increase the digestive power of your body. This juicer can also extract juice from hard fruits and vegetables as the company has incorporated it with the all-new scroll technology. 

This product can make smoothies and homemade juice from fruits and vegetables like oranges, apples, pineapples, carrots, and watermelons for boosting the immune system and detoxifying your body. All the multifaceted features make the Kenwood cold press juicer money-worthy, and it is very lightweight to carry. 

Warranty and Customer Care of Kenwood in India

The branded cold press juicer from Kenwood comes with a limited warranty. The warranty support is provided by Orient Electric if only purchased from Cloudtail. The package comes with a warranty card, and the user can enjoy a 1-year warranty on the entire product.

The brand provides demonstration and assistance, and its users can easily reach out to customer care services. The company is highly committed to providing its users with the best quality cold press juicers and convenient support.

9Expert Score
ProJuicer Rating

Based on Critical Decision-Making Factors

Juicing Efficiency and Yield
Ease of Use
Cleaning and Maintenance
What We Like About It
  • The scroll juicing technology extracts natural and fresh juice.
  • Provides a cleaning function that helps to clean the item with ease.
  • The power requirement for the product is low.
  • This would be the right juicer to ensure leak-proof juicing.
  • Being lightweight, it quickly makes its way into domestic and commercial kitchens.
  • Well designed that can be easily assembled and carried.
  • The slow juicer retains beneficial enzymes and nutrients.
  • Using and maintenance of the model are straightforward.
  • The high build quality enhances its longevity.
What We Do Not Like
  • The product comes with a very limited warranty.
  • Multiple strainers are unavailable with the package.
  • Expensive product.

Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer – Bottom Line

After going through the Kenwood Juicers review, the time has come to decide the worthiness of the juicer. The cold press juicer is priced under ₹20000, and it’s lightweight and sleek design justifies the cost.

Moreover, it comes with scroll juicing technology and an efficient cleaning function. This helps the users to clean the appliance with ease. The dedicated juice and pulp containers justify their value and capabilities. Eventually, it happens to be the perfect cold press juicer for your kitchen.

Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer – Price and Specs

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Rs. 10,840 Rs. 23,890

We have discussed all the product’s potential in this Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer review. This will help you to make a proper and informed decision. The elegant structure of the model further refines its aesthetic value. Kenwood has been a trusted brand for many years. This cold press juicer from the reputed manufacturer Kenwood has all the necessary attributes that promise you a better juicing experience. You can check the price of similar cold press juicers to choose a suitable alternative.

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