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Maharaj Whiteline is a subsidiary brand of Groupe SEB, a renowned company based in Lyon, France. Groupe SEB boasts 29 reputed brands under its name and has come a long way since its inception in 1957. With a wide range of products and a strong presence across countries, Group SEB has managed to create an excellent track record.

Alongside their other brands, Maharaja Whiteline has excelled too. The brand focuses on various home, kitchen, and garment care appliances, with plenty of products to choose from. When buying a Maharaja Juicer, you may explore different options before making the purchase.

Maharaja Whiteline is well-known for its beautiful, intuitive, easy-to-use product designs, and affordable price. These juicers also reflect the brand values, which makes them worth your money.

Although they do not offer cold-press juicers, their range of centrifugal juicers is quite good. If you are looking for a powerful centrifugal juicer or a juicer mixer grinder for your kitchen, Maharaja is indeed a good brand to consider.

With an awareness rating of 76%, Maharaja also happen to be the second most well-known small appliances brand in India. The track record Maharaja Whiteline has created over four decades makes it easy to see why they are among your top options.

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Maharaja Whiteline Juicer Mixer Grinder

Maharaja Whiteline Juicer Mixer Grinder

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What’s Unique About Maharaja Juicer?

When shortlisting your options, you might wonder about what sets Maharaja Whiteline apart from the other juicer brands. Well, several factors make Maharaja juicers unique. The range of juicers Maharaja offers includes centrifugal, citrus, and juicer mixer grinders. Features that make this brand’s juicers include-
  • Excellent performance, covering all your needs for juicing, mixing, blending, and grinding as long as you choose the right product.
  • The juicers come with detachable anti-splash or anti-drip spouts to make sure it doesn’t get messy when pouring out the juice. 
  • Powerful and spacious, the centrifugal juicers can easily deal with large fruits and vegetables. 
  • Maharaja juicers come with spacious pulp containers so you can juice multiple batches of fruits without emptying the pulp in between. 
  • The high-grade stainless steel juicer mesh does a great job at removing tiny seeds from juices. 
  • The mixer grinders can grind for 30 minutes uninterrupted, which results in thorough juicing and blending. 
  • These are sturdy and high-quality appliances and even have a separate motor warranty. 

Maharaja Juicer Service, Installation, And Warranty

Maharaja Whiteline has service centers across numerous cities in India, which ensures easy and convenient servicing in case something goes wrong. You may submit a service request for your Maharaja juicer online by visiting You can also contact them via WhatsApp at 8860555777 as an alternative. If you prefer to speak over the phone, you may call Maharaja Whiteline at either 8860555777 or 011-4368-4999.  The brand offers one to two years of warranties on their juicers, and several of these products also carry a separate warranty for their motors. Regardless of which Maharaja juicer you choose, the brand will have you covered with relevant warranty and service as needed.

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