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Lifelong is relatively new in the Indian kitchen appliance market compared to other well-known brands. However, they have rapidly earned a strong position in the market, becoming one of the top juicer brands to buy from.

Lifelong comes with a wide variety of kitchen appliances designed with the needs of Indian consumers at a budget price. Hence, a Lifelong juicer will prove to be a convenient addition to your kitchen. You can choose from a diverse range of products when shopping from this brand and hence find something that suits your needs perfectly.

Established in 2015, the brand has spread its business across four different regions in India, thereby capturing a vast market. They have also established their range of products quickly and even offer high-tech products like juicers. Hence, if you prefer constantly evolving and innovating brands, Lifelong is undoubtedly a great pick.

Lifelong offers a great blend of quality, diversity, and affordability. One of the key reasons behind Lifelong’s success is that the brand prices its products affordably – 30% lower than most brands as per their claims. This means you’d likely save money by purchasing a Lifelong juicer, which is yet another reason to buy a latest juicer from Cello online at the best price in India.

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Lifelong Juicer Mixer Grinder LLMG750

Lifelong Juicer Mixer Grinder LLMG750

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What’s Unique About Lifelong Juicers?

Lifelong doesn’t offer any cold-press juicers, and all their juicers are either centrifugal juicers or juicer mixer grinders. While they might not cater to your needs if you’re specifically looking for a cold press juicer, the juicers offered by the brand are quite good and offer various unique features. For instance-
  • Juicer mixer grinders with enough capacity to juice large fruits and vegetables. These high wattage juicers with powerful motors suitable for the seamless juicing of tough ingredients. 
  • Efficient centrifugal juicers with excellent versatility. 
  • Motor overload protection to prevent the motor from burning up due to an electrical malfunction. 
  • Some of these have longer warranty periods than juicers from other brands. 
  • Multiple speed controls make the juicers convenient to use, clean and maintain. 
  • Anti-skid feet to prevent the appliances from moving around. 
  • Multipurpose jars for grinding and liquidizing. 
Purchasing a Lifelong juicer will evidently be a good idea, considering the cost-effectiveness, great features, and the brand’s track record for quality. In fact, the brand also carries out pre-launch quality testing to ensure that the products are up to the desired standards. 

Lifelong Juicer Customer Service, Installation, And Warranty

Lifelong’s success in the Indian market has also been backed by its reputation for providing excellent customer support. The brand offers doorstep service if necessary, and you can easily reach them by visiting the official website or emailing If you’d prefer to discuss an issue over the phone, you may call them at 9711558877 or 9667499699.  The length of the warranty period varies from one product to another, with some Lifelong juicers having a 2-year warranty. Filing a warranty claim is easy – all you have to do is raise a ticket with the customer service. Additionally, you may also choose to purchase an extended warranty if you’d like. 

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