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Balzano, the old Italian cookware brand, strives to simplify your health and life, ranging various juicers for commercial and domestic requirements. Embracing the ever-changing technology, Balzano brings you high-performing juicers. Besides reasonable performance, Balzano’s cold press juicers are affordable to suit every budget. Their BPA-free juicers are eco-friendly and versatile, saving you your time and money.

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Balzano ZZJ827ML Cold Press Slow Juicer

Balzano ZZJ827ML Cold Press Slow Juicer

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What’s unique about Balzano Juicers? 

  • Balzano juicers have an 83 mm wide feeding tube that is useful to juice whole fruits and vegetables better and with ease. It saves you chopping time with no worries of the juices spilling over. 
  • With the Balzano juicers, you receive an auto-seed separation. When you feed whole fruits like kiwi, dragon fruit, and pomegranate, the juicer separates tiny seeds saving you extra straining time.
  • The stone-grind technology gets you the nutrients received through chewing only. This retains heat-sensitive vitamins - A and C along with the enzymes, especially from soft fruits like grapes and berries; this is vital for your health. 
  • The juicemax technology squeezes the pulp dry of smooth juice and packs it with the required nutrients and minerals.
  •  The fruits and vegetables are less oxidized when juiced, with no natural color, flavour, or taste. 
  • The ice-cream filter allows you to customize your favorite treat in the juicer in minutes. It allows you to control the texture of the ice cream or smoothie. 
  • The slow-juicing technology cancels out the loud noise a juicer makes when it runs. 
  • The juicers clean themselves in one minute. Fill it with 300 ml water and run it for 30 secs to get rid of the residue, then rinse it under running water and remove the parts to dry. 

Balzano Juicer Installation, Customer Service, and Warranty 

It is simple to assemble the juicer when you follow the instruction manual given with the product. Make sure to lock it well before the operation.  There is a 5-year warranty on the motor, a 1-year warranty on the electronic and other parts of Balzano juicers. You can receive an extended warranty of 6 months on the juicer if you visit and register on the official website.  This warranty period helps you exchange or return if the product does not work properly or find a defect before usage. Keep in mind that the warranty term starts when you purchase the product.  For any inquiry on the products, their exchange, maintenance, services, and other queries, you have to visit their official website or contact their toll-free customer support number, 18002583103, and mail them at  

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