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Agaro is a new brand in the appliances sector. Their products range in kitchen appliances, from juicer to hand blender to personal and health care. Agaro has several juicers inspired and enriched with innovative technologies. 

Creating high quality juicer and blender since the 2000s, Agaro allows you to invest your time and energy wisely by providing durable yet cost-effective juicers. The quality over quantity moto enables them to lead a safe lifestyle with their eco-friendly mindset, especially for their kitchen products such as the cold press juicer. 

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Agaro Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer with Cold Press Technology

Agaro Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer with Cold Press Technology

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What's unique about Agaro juicers? 

  • The Agaro juicers have 74-75 mm wide feeding tube with a pusher, ensuring to save time to chop fruits or vegetables. You can feed whole apples, pears, and carrots and get cold-pressed juices quickly in minutes. 
  • You can make customized perfect thick smoothie bowls, versatile juicers like the spinach-apple juice with tofu, and sorbets in Agaro's juicer.  
  • The slow juicers from Agaro get you 30% more pulp yield from fruits and vegetables, with the necessary enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients making it healthier for the gut. 
  • The Agaro juicers have a screw-shaped pulverizing auger with metal knobs that extract every last juice drop from the fiber, leaving no waste. It also cancels out the juicer's loud grinding noise when it runs. 
  • The auger of Agaro juicer is the heaviest and tallest in the industry at 16.34 cm, running with a motor of 240 W at high speed and torque that squeezes frozen fruits into your favorite ice cream or slushie. 
  • The slow juicing technology retains the color and flavour, enriching the taste of the fruits and vegetables, guaranteeing the juice to remain fresh for longer due to less oxidation and no air bubbles in it. 
  • The Agaro juicers clean themselves quickly in a minute due to the user-friendly cleaning system. Fill it with 300 ml water, run it for 30 seconds, then rerun it with cleaning liquid in water, and finally rinse and dry. 
  • Agaro hand blenders are powerful to make your blending tasks effortless. Make smoothies, cakes, whipping cream, or prepare ice cream at your home.

Agaro Juicer Installation, Customer Service, and Warranty  

The juicer parts are easy to put together when you read the instruction booklet given with it. Always assemble the components correctly and make sure to lock them before usage.   There is a warranty of 5 years on the motor, 1 year on the electronic and other parts of the Agaro juicer. It helps you return or exchange the product if it does not work correctly or find a defect before usage. This warranty period is from when you purchase the product.   For any inquiry on the products, their exchange, returns, maintenance, services, and other queries, you can visit the official website or contact their toll-free customer support number +91 9821486487 or mail them at

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