How to Use a Mixer Grinder as a Juicer?

Mixer grinders use fast-rotating blades to pulverize the ingredients in the jar without separating the pulp. Even though it seems ideal for juicing fruits and veggies, it is not the most commendable way to juice.

Although the primary function of mixer grinders is to mix ingredients while grinding them into finer particles, some want to use them as a juicer. Is it even possible? And if it is possible then how to do it?

Let’s shed some light on these questions.

Is It a Good Idea to Use a Mixer Grinder as a Juicer? 

You can prepare juice using most mixer grinders. However, the juice that a mixer grinder produces is more of a thick smoothie since it also contains the pulp of the ingredients. Unlike juicers, mixer grinders can’t separate the pulp from the juice and aren’t recommended for juicing purposes. Also, you can’t juice in every mixer grinder either. 

What Can You Juice in a Mixer Grinder? 

Your mixer grinder can pulverize fruits and vegetables in a breeze. However, the resulting juice will be more like a heterogeneous liquid or paste as the pulp of the ingredients remains in the liquid. Although this might look like an unhealthy drink, it’s not. Juice that includes the pulp of the ingredients is called a smoothie, and it’s perfectly fine to drink it, even though you might get a different taste.

At the same time, there is no wastage involved, which is why some people prefer juicing using a mixer grinder. Well, mixer grinders can juice apple, watermelon, orange, papaya, carrot, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, and so on.

Which Appliance is Better for Juicing- Mixer Grinder or Juicer? 

While mixer grinders provide all the goodness of fibers in the fruits, the consistency and taste of the juice or, say, ‘smoothie’ lacks in quality. You may as well be disappointed with the thickness of the juice or smoothie. On the other hand, Juicers will provide you with the perfect consistency and texture, but there’s a lot of wastage and cleaning involved. In the end, it all boils down to one’s preference. However, as mentioned above, not all mixer grinders can be used as juicers.

To overcome the limitations of mixer grinders and juicers, a new appliance was invented with both characteristics. In a mixer grinder, you can juice, mix, and grind ingredients. Want some smoothie without purchasing a mixer grinder? Juicer mixer grinder is here to help.

juicing in a mixer grinder

Differences Between Mixer Grinder and Juicer Mixer Grinder 

Though both the kitchen appliances sound similar, they both have some advantages and limitations. Let’s look at both of these appliances in detail-

Mixer Grinder – Pros and Cons

As the name suggests, mixer grinders can grind, mix, and beat ingredients or food with maximum efficiency. They come with different blades to handle different tasks of mixing and grinding. For example, a mixer grinder is ideal for grinding chutneys and dry powdering spices. Some grinders and hand blenders allow you to make a smoothie out of fruits and vegetables. You can’t do the same with juicers. 

Mixer grinders come in manual and electrical forms, either of which is great at doing tasks like mincing and grinding meat. However, we would recommend an electrical one to save you a lot of hassle and reduce the overall time. 

Juicer Mixer Grinder – Pros and Cons

First up, you don’t have to confuse a juicer mixer grinder with a food processor. They look and sound similar, but they’re entirely two different appliances. A juicer mixer grinder is a mixer grinder with the added functionality of juicing. Juicer mixer grinders come with a plethora of different jars and blades, each specializing in doing different grinding, mixing, and juicing tasks. 

Juicer mixer grinders possess a heavy-duty motor to get you through all your mixing, grinding, and juicing tasks. However, juicer mixer grinders can be a bit expensive compared to mixer grinders. They come with three different stainless steel jars to take care of mixing, grinding, and juicing tasks. It also has a plethora of other accessories that contribute to its higher initial costs. In any case, the best juicer mixer grinders are versatile appliances that provide better value for money than conventional mixer grinders. 

However, one significant drawback of a juicer mixer grinder is that if you accidentally break or damage one of its three jars, it’ll be difficult and expensive to get a decent-quality replacement. Meanwhile, jars of a mixer grinder are cheap and easily replaceable. 

how to Juice Fruits in A Juicer Mixer Grinder

How to Juice Fruits in A Mixer Grinder? 

Now that you know how useful a mixer grinder can be let’s briefly discuss how you can juice fruits using the same. Take note that mixer grinders are less efficient than juicer machines that solely specialize in juicing fruits and vegetables. 


Assemble the Components 

First comes the assembly of the mixer grinder. Your machine will require specific components to work as a juicer. Meanwhile, make sure that all the parts are locked and aligned perfectly to prevent the spilling of ingredients. Furthermore, make sure to use only the jar specifically designed for juicing fruits. Wrong jars will result in spilled ingredients and can damage the jar itself. 


Peel and Chop the Fruits Before Juicing

Chopping the ingredients into small pieces will put less load on the machine and allow a smooth operation. Meanwhile, peeling the fruits will produce less pulp that’ll contribute to the efficiency of the process and save you a lot of cleaning effort. Also, your mixer grinder will perform significantly faster if you chop the ingredients into smaller pieces. 


Put the Chopped Fruits to the Juicing Jar and Turn the Machine On

Now all you need to do is add the ingredients into the jar and turn the machine on. Meanwhile, make sure to manually push the ingredients inside to increase the machine’s efficiency. In addition, make sure to keep turning on/off the machine in between the juicing process for better results.

That’s just it, and the juice will pour out from a small opening. Meanwhile, the juicing jar will effectively separate the pulp from the juice. The result is a perfectly consistent fruit juice with densely packed nutrients for a healthy body. 

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Things to Keep in Mind While Working with A Juicer Mixer Grinder 

While juicing in your appliance can be satisfying and convenient, some things need attention to ensure a longer lifespan of your appliance. 

  • Clean Thoroughly After Every Use:  A thorough cleaning is a must-do after juicing in your mixer grinder. Clean the jars using dishwashing liquid and water. Also, make sure to wipe the machine with a clean cloth to prevent stubborn stains. 
  • Avoid Adding Hot Ingredients: Hot ingredients can damage the jar walls and its blades. Always allow the ingredients to cool down before further processing in the machine. 
  • Allow Air Inside the Jar to Escape: Always let the air escape before turning on the machine to prevent unwanted spills. For that, we recommend waiting for 10-15 seconds after you install the jar on the machine. You should especially keep this tip in mind while juicing fruits and veggies in your mixer grinder. 
  • Use Branded Accessories: Avoid using cheap accessories as replacements. This can result in an inefficient operation, or it can damage your appliance itself. Manufacturer-recommended accessories perfectly fit with your machine, ensuring a smoother and safer operation. 
  • Gradually Increase the Speed: Always start with fewer RPMs of the motor and gradually increase it instead of starting the machine at full speed. This will put less load on the system and save your appliance from frequent repairs and maintenance. 
  • Make Sure to Lock the Jars Properly: Not fitting the jar properly to the machine can damage the blades and reduce the machine’s lifespan. Always use recommended accessories to ensure proper compatibility with the machine. 
  • Ensure Proper Earthing: To prevent shocks, ensure there is no water around near the mixer grinder while using it. Also, ensure proper earthing of the device’s socket for the same. Meanwhile, keep the appliance out of reach of children as it involves components such as fast-rotating sharp blades that can severely injure the user if used carelessly. 

So, by now, you should’ve understood that although you can use your mixer grinder as a juicer, it’s not the ideal way. Unlike juicers, a mixer grinders can’t produce clear and consistent juice mainly because it can’t separate the pulp from the juice. Thus, it is ideal for making smoothies instead of pure juice.

Furthermore, since mixer grinders violently pulverize the ingredients, many nutrients can be lost due to excess heat and oxidation in the process. In that case, juicer mixer grinders come as the ideal choice for people who want to do all the three tasks of mixing, grinding, and juicing using a single machine. And, even though juicer mixer grinders are relatively expensive, they sure are a better value for money than mixer grinders. 

Kajal Menon

Kajal Menon

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