How to Juice Oranges with a Juicer? – The Benefits and Preparation

One of the healthiest and most consumed juices globally, orange juice is the extract of orange fruit. Orange juice is extracted either by squeezing the fruit or by commercial methods. It contains multiple nutrients beneficial for our health.

Many brands produce orange juice and claim them to be the ‘natural’ one. But, it is always preferred to juice fresh oranges using a juicer at your home. We will get to the process of how to make orange juice with a juicer so that you can get it’s maximum benefits.

There are many varieties of orange fruits. Nagpur orange, Coorg mandarin, Khasi mandarin, and Darjeeling orange have different proportions of pulp and juice and differ in taste. The packaged orange juice that we buy from the market is extracted, pasteurized, and then deoxygenated to increase the juice’s shelf life.

However, this process removes the original tangy taste of the fruit and the benefits. To maintain the flavor, the companies mix juice and pulp harvested at different stages. We advise you to consume the juice during breakfast or at least freshly made at home in the first half of the day.

Why Should You Avoid Packaged Orange Juice?

It is recommended not to consume packaged orange juice from the market. The reason behind it is that the commercial sellers do not freshly handpick the oranges and you won’t be able to know their actual juicing process. There are many steps involved in making the juice, and it might be possible that the juice is stored for a longer period before it is packaged and marketed.

The heat generated during juicing with a bad quality juicer removes all the microbes and enzymes. It could lead to the spoilage of the juice. Many other processing procedures lead to the loss of nutrients, color, and taste of the fresh fruit, which otherwise we get from freshly made one at home. Packed and preserved orange juice undergoes complex multi-step harvesting process and can be stored long before it is packaged for sale.

This is the reason that you should consume juice using a juicer at your home. You can use any of the juicing processes with a suitable juicer at home. It will surely give you more nutritional benefits than the ready-made packaged ones.

how to make orange juice with a juicer at your home

How To Make Orange Juice With A Juicer At Your Home?

It is always better to consume juice made at home using a juicer. It is best eating the whole orange fruit since it contains fiber and pulp, which help provide maximum benefit.

However, people often prefer having juice instead of eating raw fruit. In this case, we will see how to make orange juice with a juicer at home. Whichever way you choose to extract the juice, you must first wash it properly and peel it. You might want to remove the seeds, which are easily visible once you cut them.

Juicing Oranges in a Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer is best for juicing oranges. All you need is oranges, a citrus juicer, and a glass. Follow these steps to juice oranges with a citrus juicer-

  • It is preferable to remove the skin and the seeds.
  • You need to cut the fruit into small pieces, small enough to fit the juicer chute.
  • Switch the juicer on and keep a glass just below the spout.
  • The juice properly gets collected in there.
  • While the citrus juicer is working, you can add the orange pieces and stop when your glass is filled up.
orange juicing in a citrus juicer

Orange Juicing In A Cold press Juicer

Juicing oranges in a cold press juicer is the healthiest option. As these types of juicers do not affect the juice quality, it is worth making orange juices. Follow this step-by-step process to juice oranges in a cold press juicer-

  • Cut the oranges in four pieces from the center.
  • Peel off the skin slowly.
  • Now feed the four pieces into the juicer chute.
  • Place two bowls/glasses at the juice and pulp discharge points of the juicer.
  • Turn on the juicer machine.
  • Feed more oranges as required.
  • These processes will automatically produce orange juice.
  • Once completed, please turn off the cold press juicer and clean it.
  • Serve the orange juice.

Recommended Cold Press Juicers To Make Orange Juice:

Making Orange Juice In Other Types of Juicers

If you are making orange juice in a hand blender, cut the orange into small pieces and put it in the blender bowl. If you notice that there is a need to add some water, make sure you do not add a lot of it. The consistency should be pulpy. To remove the pulp, you can use a cotton cloth or a sieve to filter out the seeds and pulp. It is preferable to drink the juice with the pulp to get the maximum orange juice benefits.

You can make orange juice in a juicer mixer grinder as well. Cut the orange pieces and put them in the juicer mixer grinder. You will get pulpy juice which is super healthy. Use a strainer to separate the fresh juice from pulps. Juicing oranges in a centrifugal juicer is similar to the juicer mixer grinders.

Tips for Juicing Orange

When you want to extract the juice through the cold press method, first-

  1. Wash the oranges properly and let them dry.
  2. Cut it into two halves.
  3. Open your press machine just a little so that only 1-2 pieces of orange fit.
  4. Once you have placed the orange in the press area, press it correctly and keep on applying pressure until you see the juice dripping out.

It is preferable to consume it immediately, but you can even refrigerate it.

You can use any of the above methods to extract fresh orange juice every day at home. As we have discussed making orange juice with a juicer step by step, the process is not so complicated. The best way to consume it is by making it fresh at home every day. It is advisable to drink the juice immediately or within the same day after extracting it.

You can store it in a glass bottle in the refrigerator for 3-5 days, but the taste might change, and the color might fade. If you need to store the orange juice for a more extended period, keep it in an airtight container and freeze it in a refrigerator. Make sure to keep a gap of half an inch on the top since the liquid will expand once the freezing process starts.

quantity of orange juice to drink a day

How Much Orange Juice Should You Drink A Day?

Drinking orange juice is beneficial like apple juice, you should drink it in moderation. It is always better to include it in your meal and to have it in the first half of the day. The proper limit to drink 250 ml of orange juice every day. This should be enough to meet your daily requirements of Vitamin C.

There is the risk of consuming a lot of sugar by drinking it daily. Therefore, it is advisable to mix some water in it before consuming it. Your daily intake of highly healthy juice should be subject to your age, health issues, and lifestyle.

The packaged orange juice often contains extra sugar and flavor for a sweet taste; this is not healthy. Some of the brands claim to be 100% pure. Some popularly consumed brands like Real Fruits, Tropicana, Minute Maid, B Natural, and Delmonte, claim to be making pure juice. However, it is highly recommended drinking freshly extracted orange juice to get the maximum benefits.

benefits of drinking orange juice daily

Benefits of Drinking Orange Juice Daily

Orange juice is generally sweet. Eight 227g of orange juice contains 124 mg of Vitamin C, 20 g of sugar, 112 calories, and 26 g of carbohydrates. It also contains flavonoids which are concentrated in the pulp. It has potassium and folate. If the juice is potent and concentrated, you can always add some water to make it diluted. You can add some honey or sweetener to make it sweet if it tastes tangy. Some lemon juice once in a while will add a change to the taste.

Get relief from constipation

There are many health benefits of drinking orange juice every day. Like pomegranate juice, it helps in getting relief from constipation as orange is very rich in fiber. Consuming it every day will help in regulating bowel movements. A flavonoid called naringenin is packed in the fruit, which is said to bring positive effects in bringing relief from constipation. It is advised to have the juice with pulp to get relief during constipation.

Lower blood pressure

Orange juice helps in lowering high blood pressure if consumed every day in moderation. People who suffer from high blood pressure should drink 1-2 glasses of this juice daily. There is a flavonoid called hesperidin which is generally found in the citrus fruit, helps in maintaining blood pressure levels. Research says that a liter of this tangy juice carries 690 mg of hesperidin. Doctors recommend consuming orange juice to lower blood pressure.

Boost immunity with orange juice

It helps in boosting your immunity strength which helps your body to fight against common cough and cold. Consuming this juice regularly helps in boosting your ability to fight illnesses. The citric acid stored in the oranges will help the body push out phlegm, which gets jammed up in the lungs. Moreover, the citrus content also helps in stopping the production of phlegm in the body.

Orange juice comes rich in nutrients. The daily dose of Vitamin C required by a human body is fulfilled by just half a cup of this healthy juice. Moreover, this juice is essential for the formation of bone, gum problems, and healing of wounds. Alternatively, you can also drink amla juice on daily basis.

Maintain blood pressure during pregnancy

Orange juice benefits are of great help during pregnancy as well. Women often face high blood pressure during pregnancy which can lead to a complication called preeclampsia. The juice will help in maintaining the blood pressure level. Moreover, it is a good source of calcium, potassium, and folic acid. All these are important for the overall health of the mother as well as the expected baby.

Focus on drinking a small quantity of juice daily

You can give orange juice to babies older than one year. It is advised to add the juice in small quantities with the meal. Around 4-6 ounces will be good for 1-6 years old children. For 7-16 years old children, 8 ounces of this drink is enough. It is good in small quantities since it is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients.

Burn extra fat with orange juice

One significant orange juice benefit is that it helps in burning extra fat in the body. It has lesser calories, no fats, and citrus elements, which helps burn the fats faster. Consuming this fresh juice with pulp will help you keep full for longer, which will reduce your food intake—the amino acids in the juice help burn the body fat.

Easy digestion with orange juices

We recommend having orange juice before breakfast as it helps in easy digestion. Citric acid and ascorbic acid help in acidity problems. After you understand how to prepare this freshly made juice using a juicer, it will become easy for you to squeeze out some fresh orange juice. Also, it is better for digestive problems. The pH level is below 3 when it is freshly made, which, if taken before eating, can help release suitable digestive enzymes and lower the pH level of the stomach. Make sure you do not add any sugar to the juice as it will destroy the beneficial effects of the latter.

Helps people with blood sugar

Orange is sweet but is low on the glycemic index. Researchers claim that foods that are low on the glycemic index have lesser effects on blood sugar levels. It is advisable to have the juice with pulp to gain maximum benefits and decrease sugar levels.

Slows down the formation of kidney stones

Kidney stones can be excruciating. The antioxidant-rich juice is beneficial for kidney stones as it is rich in potassium citrate. It increases the level of citrate in the urine, which lowers the concentration of calcium oxalate and uric acid. They are the two critical components of kidney stones. Therefore, it slows down the formation of stones.

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