How To Make Mango Juice? – Recipe For Summer

Mango juice is highly refreshing and has a sweet flavor. It is one of the best drinks to beat the summer heat while quenching your thirst. Mango juice can enlighten your mood like nothing else, and you can make it all year round.

To make mango juice, you will require only a few ingredients, such as fresh mangoes, sugar, and chilled water. The mango juice recipe is a must-try during a scorching afternoon.

Read on to learn how to prepare mango juice using different juicers, blenders, mixer grinders, and without any juicing appliances.

How To Make Mango Juice?

Mango juice is always preferred to be prepared by using mangoes in chilled condition. Cutting thin slices and adding more water with several ingredients will improve the juice’s taste. You can also consider using coconut water instead of plain water for a more delicious taste.

How To Make Mango Juice
Juicing Mangoes With Juicer Mixer Grinder
A juicer mixer grinder is available in many households. As it is an upgrade to the traditional mixer grinder with juicing facility, it is widely used. Follow these step-by-step guide to juice mangoes with the juicer mixer grinder at your home. You will need a juicer mixer grinder with its juicing blade and jar, fresh mangoes, knife, spoon, sugar and water.
Rinse And Peel The Chilled Mangoes
Thoroughly rinse the chilled mangoes under running water at room temperature to soften the skin. Now dry them with a kitchen towel and utilize a peeler or a knife to peel off the mango skin.
Cut The Mango Slices
After peeling the skin off the mangoes, cut them into big slices on the chopping board. Note that you can also cut the mangoes into small pieces to juice them more smoothly. You can now transfer the chopped mangoes into the juicer jar.
Fit The Juicer Jar And Add Ingredients
Attach the specific blade and jar for juicing to the device. Then, add a suitable quantity of water and some sugar or honey into the jar as per your taste preferences. Next, place the jar on the juicer mixer grinder and seal the lid tightly.
Mix Well
Now, switch on the juicer. At first, use it at a low speed and then slowly increase the speed. Juice it until you get a thick texture with lesser pulp.
Serve The Juice
After a few minutes, the mango juice will be ready. Now, serve the juice after chilling it in a refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can garnish your mango juice with some toppings such as nuts, herbs, or berries. Sprinkle some chia seeds to make it healthier. You can also add some ice cubes to make it way more chilled.
Juicing Mangoes With Hand Blender
Juicing Mangoes With Hand Blender
Hand blender is the best alternative to a juicer mixer grinder for juicing mangoes. The juice made with a blender is more like a smoothie with a thicker texture. To make mango juice with the hand blender, arrange a hand blender, mangoes, knife, spoon, ingredients of your choice and follow the steps below.
Select Some Mangoes
Firstly, you need to select the mangoes that are pulpy, sweet, and soft. In this regard, you can use Alphonso mangoes for making mango juice with a blender. Rinse the mangoes thoroughly under water.
Peel The Mangoes
Now, peel off the mangoes, remove the seed and slice them into 2 to 4 pieces. Now, scoop the inner pulp of the mangoes into small cubes with the help of a spoon. Alternatively, you can cut the pulp is smaller pieces using a knife.
Add Ingredients
Add the mango cubes to a jar along with sugar or honey (anything you prefer). You can also add mint leaves, orange juice, and ginger to enhance the taste of the juice. Now, add some ice cubes or cold water.
Blend Thoroughly
Next, turn on the hand blender and blend it until the liquid becomes smooth and thick. You can add more water for a thinner juice according to your preference.
Your mango juice is ready after a few minutes of blending. You can add Chia or Sabja seeds to the serving glasses to make the juice healthier. Pour the juice into the glasses and enjoy.
Juicing Mangoes With Cold Press Juicer
Juicing Mangoes With Cold Press Juicer
Using a cold press juicer is the most preferred method for juicing mangoes as it keeps the nutrition intact. If you own the best cold press juicer, follow these steps for making cold-pressed mango juice.
Peel And Cut Fresh Mangoes
Firstly, you need to select some fresh mangoes. Then, peel them using a peeler. You can start from the bottom of the mangoes and slice them in the upward direction, keeping the pulp of the mango intact. Next, remove the seed, chop the mango into small pieces and keep it aside.
Put The Cold Press Juicer In Place
Assemble all the parts (auger, strainer, bowls) of the cold press juicer correctly. Also, place the bowls properly for collecting the juice and the pulp in their respective positions.
Transfer The Mangoes To The Cold Press Juicer
Now, turn the juicer on and add the mango pieces slowly through the feeding tube. The auger will rotate and squeeze the juice out. The juice will get filtered in the strainer and get collected in the juicing bowl. At the same time, the dry pulp will be removed in another bowl.
Enjoy The Juice
After squeezing all the juice, pour it into a glass. You can add some lemon and ginger along with chilled water to enhance the taste.
homemade mango juice
Juicing Mangoes Without Juicer
If you do not have a blender or juicer available at your home, you need to juice it manually. For making mango juice without a juicer, you will require mangoes, knife, strainer, spoon, chilled water along with some ice cubes. Follow the below-mentioned steps.
Select Mangoes And Cut Them
Choose fresh mangoes to prepare your mango juice. Now, wash them with clean water, peel the skin and remove the large seed. Then, cut down the mangoes into tiny pieces for better texture. Also, do not forget to scrape the pulps attached to the seed.
Crush Well
Now, use a fine strainer and place the mango chunks inside. Next, press the mangoes with a spoon to get the most juice. Then add some water and continue the process until the juice becomes smooth and the pulps are semi-dry.
Serve And Enjoy
Now pour the mixture via a mesh strainer to remove the remaining pulp. Serve the mango juice in a glass and enjoy.

You can store the mango juice in the refrigerator for up to 3 to 4 days if you do not want to consume it within a day. However, the nutritional value of the juice slowly becomes low, losing its freshness and taste. So, it is always recommended to drink the mango juice all fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mango Juice

How to make mango lassi with mango juice?

Pour the mango juice into a blender, juicer, or mixer, then add some yogurt, sugar, milk, and cardamom powder for taste. Juice it well until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy. Your mango lassi is ready, and you can garnish it with chopped mangoes, saffron, or dry fruits.

How to make mango juice with frozen mango?

Juicing frozen mango can be challenging as most juicer brands do not recommend juicing it to avoid problems. For this reason, we advise rinsing them under running water at room temperature before juicing. If the mangoes are cut and frozen in the fridge, take them out and let them adjust to the room temperature. When these mango slices are slightly soft, add them and some sugar to a blender or juicer of your choice. Blend until the smoothie or juice becomes smooth.

How to prepare green mango juice?

For preparing a green mango juice, take some raw green mangoes and peel them with a peeler. Next, remove the seed and cut the mango into small pieces. Add them to a juicer along with ingredients like sugar, water, black salt, and some cumin powder for taste. Now, mix it well for nearly one minute. Then, pour the liquid into a glass, add some ice cubes and enjoy your chilled green mango juice.

Apart from the above method of preparing green mango juice, you can also try “Aam Pora Shorbot”- a famous Bengali recipe of roasted raw mango juice.

Mango juice is an all-time favorite refreshing drink for almost everyone. This juice is full of fresh, sweet, and tangy flavors. There are a lot of benefits of mango juice, such as keeping you healthy, preventing anemia, strengthening the bones, and maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure while improving your eyesight.

The Mango juice recipe is very easy to make at home. You just need to follow the step-by-step processes of making mango juice and the required ingredients.

We hope the article was helpful, and if you liked it, do share your valuable feedback. Also, quickly go to your kitchen and prepare the tastiest juice of mangoes for you and your family!

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