Electric Juicer Vs. Manual Juicer – Which is Better and Why?

Everyone will agree that juicing helps in maintaining good health. If you want to incorporate healthy juice at your breakfast table daily, purchasing a good quality juicer will be the best option.

It won’t be convenient to visit a local refreshment shop daily for sipping your favorite juices. Seeing an advertisement on TV, you are convinced to buy an electric centrifugal juicer over a dated hand juicer.

As you decide to own a juicer, you must understand the fundamental difference between the two options, i.e., electric vs. manual juicer. Thus, knowing the difference between these two types of juicers might help you invest in your most preferable one to meet your expectations. It’s time to check out the buying guide of juicers for all the good reasons it offers. 

The Electric Juicer 

If you need a juicer that can produce higher volumes of different types of juices, then an electric juicer is your one-stop solution. It’s an excellent electrical appliance that lets you make juices from fruits, vegetables to green herbs in the most convenient way.

Owning an electric juicer can get you freshly squeezed juice in the spur of the moment. Get maximum extracts from your favorite fruits and vegetables without worrying about decreasing the nutritional value.

The Electric Juicer 

Electric Juicer Benefits

If you count the most helpful kitchen appliances, an electric juicer will be definitely at the top of the list. People find it very helpful in their hectic daily life in the following ways.

  • As electric juicer comes with modern specifications, they can be easily operated. Thus, you can have nutritious as well as delicious fruit juices according to your preference. You can also get the opportunity to differentiate the juice into three sections, i.e., pulp, froth, and juice.
  • Using a modern juicer, people can make milkshakes, lassi, mocktails, vegetable juice, whipped cream, and many more food items within minutes. There are no extra efforts needed to prepare food in the busy life schedule. 
  • The varied speed options emerged from steel blades come with every juicer. It facilitates you to choose your required speed as per the drink you are going to make. 
  • This simple electric appliance guarantees you versatility and maximum efficiency. 
  • Staying healthy is no more an issue for fitness freak people. If you are not so skilled in cooking, don’t worry! Most electric appliance companies offer a free booklet of some healthy food and drink preparation with their latest juicers sets to make the client’s job easy.
  • Make your kitchen time fully enjoyable by investing in an affordable electric juicer. You will get innumerable models in the market with varying price tags. Choose the most preferred design according to your needs and functions to perform. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance of this electrical device are so easy that you only take a few minutes to detach the grinder part and wipe off the food remnants with detergents. After washing, mop with a clean cloth to dry out. 
  • Buying an electric juicer will be all-worthy as it will enhance the décor of your kitchen and serve you for years to come. 

Limitations of Electric Juicer

As a coin comes with both sides, the same goes for an electric juicer. Now, take an insight into some of the drawbacks of using electric juicers.

  • Most electric juicers make a load of noise. Thus it disrupts other family members in doing daily activities. 
  • The high-speed rotation of electric juicers deteriorate the standard of the produced juice.
  • As electric juicers are mechanical, there’s a greater chance of oxidation after making juices. Hence, more foam is created on top and need to isolate as quick as possible.
  • Handling and cleaning the electric juicers seem complex, as a moment of unawareness can cause cutting and bleeding.
  • These juicers are pretty expensive than the regular juicer. Hence it’s not convenient for everyone to use.
  • As these juicers come with smaller channels, they need more preparation before actual functioning.
  • Being bulky in weight, they can occupy more space on your kitchen counter.

Best Uses of Electric Juicer

If you are someone who regularly consumes different herbs, veggies, leafy greens, and fruits in juice form, you should buy these multipurpose juicers. As these electric juicers operate at the slowest motions, there’s less production of foamy juice. You will find different types of juicers for different purposes-

  • Cold Press Juicer: This electric juicer runs slow, reducing the chances of oxidation in the juice. These juicers are costly compared to other juicers. But the best cold press juicers are worthy of preserving the nutrition.
  • Centrifugal Juicer: This type of electric juicer is ideal for a busy working person. Centrifugal juicers squeeze the fruits and vegetables faster but reduce the nutrition. If you do not have a budget to buy a cold press juicer, go for a centrifugal juicer.
  • Citrus Juicer: As the name implies, this type of electric juicer is made to juice citrus fruits like mosambi and orange. If you are a citrus juice lover, choose the best citrus juicer.
  • Juicer Mixer Grinder: This a basically a mixer grinder added with a juicer function. The juicing process is similar to a centrifugal juicer. Being a multipurpose kitchen appliance, the best juicer mixer grinders are extremely reasonable for all households.

Apart from these electric juicers, you will also find carrot and beetroot juicers, electric hand blenders, and portable juicer blenders in the market. Hence, you can have fresh juices in moments. When you opt for juicing at home, try to drink a whole lot of things as soon as possible. Otherwise, harmful bacteria will grow into freshly extracted juices. Some people rely on store-bought packaged juices.

For preventing unwanted indigestion, buy pasteurized products. Regular intake of juices made from electric juicers can have an incredibly positive impact on the body. Besides losing weight, users will be more prone to removing harmful toxins from the body, boosting immunity, and reducing the chances of chronic diseases. 

The Manual Juicer

There is nothing as great as freshly squeezed fruit juice! No other juicer like a manual juicer will allow you to get it most cheaply. Manual juicers need human labor to work on, but no compromise is made with the quality of materials to prevent them from damage even after heavy usage.

The Manual Juicer

Manual Juicer Benefits

If you want a wise choice between Electric vs. manual juicer, make it clear that the old-fashioned hand-operated juicers still do not lose their admiration for the following advantages:

  • It offers soundless operation while extracting juice. Thus, there’s no chance of disturbing other members of the family.
  • Handmade juicers are largely available in the market at cost-effective prices.
  • As these juicers come in portable form, you can use these devices at home and in places without any electricity facilities.
  • The versatile specifications make these handmade juicers super-efficient to process any vegetables and fruits.
  • These juicers guarantee seamless operations for long hours without any interruption.
  • You may rest assured of its long shelf life with highly reliable designs.
  • Lead a healthy life by getting various types of instant juices and smoothies whenever you want to have them.

Limitations of Manual Juicer

People have been used to manual juicers for quite an extended period. However, they have some disadvantages that make them now less preferred than electric juicers.

  • Regarding speed, manual juicers need to be operated for an extended time to extract juices than high-speed juicers.
  • Manual juicers are less effective for juicing as they can’t get you the maximum amount of extraction due to their low-speed feature.
  • An extra physical effort needs to incorporate for juicing with manual juicers.
  • You won’t process the large volume of juices at once with manual juicers.
  • You must peel off the skin, take out the seeds and cut food into pieces before loading them into the juicer.

Best Uses of Manual Juicer

You may be astonished to know that a large community has still admired outdated hand press juicers. The cause of the prevalence of this juicer is its user-friendly feature and economical prices. People who still can’t get used to motorized juicers can increasingly adaptable to manual juicers.

As most hand press juicers come in portable form, health-conscious people can easily take them along for traveling to distant places. The best part of using a manual juicer is that you can cater to all your juicing requirements without worrying about electricity.

If you are pretty active in the kitchen, you will relish having juice on your own. Just put a little bit of energy on your hand and elbow, and you will get all the flexibility of sipping your favorite juice daily. 

Electric Juicer Vs. Manual Juicer

Differences Between Electric Juicer and Manual Juicer

Nowadays, juicers are increasingly used for fulfilling the drinking requirements of users. Juicers can make your kitchen super functional, from extracting fruit or vegetable juices to the increasing flavor of food items.

When you compare the differences of electric vs. manual juicers, you will come out with many differences between them. Although both of their output is the same, their efficiency makes them choose one above the other.

When using a manual juicer, you press the food moving back and forth to squeeze out all the juices. After extracting juice, you throw away the skin. But do not waste it. You can use the peels in various ways. There’s no denying that using hand press juicers needs more effort and time to get desired output. 

If you consider the hectic daily lives of the young generation, there’s no alternative to using electric juicers. If anyone can get the know-how and precautions of utilizing mechanical juicers, they will never get back to the dated hand press juicers.

Considering all the factors, it’s wise to choose the most suitable juicer for making your food spread super delicious. Another notable difference between an electric juicer and a hand juicer is that the first one can easily break up juice from fiber, whereas the second one cannot do so.

The only downside of using an electric juicer is its fast oxidation into freshly made juice due to its high-speed function. As more air enters into the juice, the highly foamed output loses its most nutrition. 

If you don’t bother about exorbitant prices, buying electric juicers will be the best decision. As the market is flooded with different types of juicers with unique designs, you may end up getting the most stylish juicer to reduce your daily workload in the kitchen.

If you choose flexibility over functionality, buy a manual juicer to make your home-away stay a little more pleasant. Some may prefer pulpy juice, whereas some want clear juice; the decision is all yours. 

Comparison of Electric Juicer vs. Manual Juicer

Point Of DifferenceElectric JuicerManual Juicer
ConvenienceThe electric juicer comes with greater convenience as they are motorized.Manual juicers need more energy to handle, thus are not as convenient as an electric juicer.
Speed of JuicingBy pressing a button, the juice will automatically squeeze out from the machine in the blink of an eye. However, the varying speed helps to produce quality output.The speed of operating a manual juicer will ultimately depend on the user’s efficacy.
SafetyAs electric juicers are manufactured in an advanced mechanical way, users need to handle them after learning the usage.Manual juicers are built with simple techniques. Hence anyone can use them freely.
ExtractionWith an electric juicer, you can expect better extraction.The manual juicer will not guarantee you complete extraction.
Quality of JuiceAs Electric juicers speedily process output, the quality of juices gets depleted.Whereas manual juicers will produce more dense output, thus you can get access to the highest quality output.
Cleaning & MaintenanceAs electric juicers have many parts and intricate designs, the cleaning has to be done with care.Cleaning of manual juicer is an easy task.
UtilityThe electric juicer can process any herbs, veggies, fruits, and greens for making juices.Manual juicers are less effective in making every type of juice.
OxidationThe motorized operation of electric juicers makes a foamy portion above the top. Thus, quicker oxidation compels users to drink the juice as soon as possible.As there’s no chance of mixing the pulp with juices, you will have a clear fresh squeeze after each pressing. For slow speed, less oxidation is formed, and you can keep the freshly made juice for a few hours.
PriceBeing highly functional, the price of Electric juicers is on the higher side. It’s going to be a significant investment in your kitchen cabinet.For providing fewer specifications, Manual juicers are economical to buy. Hence, anyone can afford this kitchen appliance.
Electric Vs. Juicer - Which is Better

So, Electric Vs. Manual Juicer – Which is Better?

Before making the final choice, go through all the available juicers options in the market and read online reviews to make the wisest choice. Remember all the considerations for making your juicing experience the most relishing one.

People who regularly drink citrus juice prefer to use hand juicers, while for juicing greens and vegetables, electric juicers are worth the cost. By now, you may realize that both types of juicers have unique benefits that make them deserving.

As the starting range of juicers is as low as $50 and goes up to $1000, you may get your desired model according to your budget. If you want quality juicing for a lifelong period, invest your money in expensive juicers, as they come with an extended warranty period.

Are you ready to go shopping for the highest model of juicer?

Specify your needs and find out the high-yielding juicer to have a positive impact on your everyday life. 

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