11 Creative Ways to Use the Pulps from Juicing

Health is defined as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. It is the biggest among all the treasures you own. Most of you are already aware of the benefits of proper nutrition in maintaining proper health. So, to maintain your health, you have to be aware enough of your nutrient intake.

But in this era of the rat race, it is pretty hard to pull out time for ourselves and devise plans for nurturing our health. So, all we need is some quick and easy way to adjust our nutrient consumption using the best juicers. As you all are already aware, fresh fruits and vegetables account for one of the most critical elements in your diet, contributing to nutrient consumption.

When you run out of time to have a proper diet schedule, you really should not forget to at least gulp down a glass of juice. Yes, juicing is trusted to be one of the easiest and quickest methods to implement more and more healthy fruits and veggies into your diet. It has various benefits, including a greater concentration of nutrients per ounce, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, and enhanced absorption of nutrients.

Unfortunately, though, when it comes to juicing, people seem to have many questions and assumptions. Whether you are using a cold press juicer, centrifugal juicer, juicer mixer grinder, hand juicer, or citrus juicer, one common question about them is- “Can I eat pulp from the juicer? “.

Here are some of your myths that are going to getting to get busted.

Is The Pulp From Juicing Good For You?

While straining the juice out from fruits and veggies, the juice mainly consists of minerals and vitamins. The resulting pulp contains almost all the fiber. This fiber is generally thrown away by many, but it is recommended not to because adding this unused fiber into your diet can be very beneficial.

Including fiber in our diet is essential because it helps control blood sugar and helps in managing weight. It is trusted to boost weight loss because it helps to keep you full for a more extended period after eating. It also helps to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. So many nutrition experts recommend incorporating some of the juicer pulp into your meals instead of just throwing it out in a garbage can because it helps you out with your overall health.

pulps from juicer

Can You Eat Pulp From A Juicer?

The pulp left after juicing is pretty yummy, and it is not at all worth wasting. So, when questions such as “Can I eat pulp from juicer?” tend to cross your mind, the answer is an absolute yes! A lot of people love to consume pulp because it is tasty. At the same time, others include it in their diet because it is very healthy since it has many fibers. However, most of the centrifugal juicers are imperfect enough to leave some nutrient content in the pulp. Therefore, in most instances, it is not just fibers present in the pulp; it is more than that.

Among the multiple other ways to consume pulp, the easiest and the simplest way is to eat it plain! Yes, the simpler, the better. It is both easy and quick to consume pulp this way. All you can do is sprinkle up some sea salt and squeeze a little bit of lemon. A bit of olive oil would do well, too, as the garnish. However, if you prefer richer and creamier salad dressings, it is entirely up to you. You can munch on it or even consume it as a mini appetizer.

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11 Ways to Use the Pulp from Your Juicer

There are multiple methods through which you may have different applications of your juice pulp. The more you explore, the more you would be amazed at the fact that the pulp you usually would have thrown away, is having such versatile utilizations:

1. Add it to your soup broth

You can use both fresh or frozen pulp for cooking your broth. A veggie broth is itself highly nutritious; pulp adds to its nutritional value and fiber content. It adds a great flavor and some extra health benefits too. You can use this broth as a base for any of your favorite soups or stews. It is pretty easy to make. All it needs is some veggie pulp, water, salt, pepper, and your favorite spices.

2. Make Raw pulp crackers 

Crackers prepared from pulp extracted right from the juicer are an incredible vegan option, and they are even gluten-free! They are durable and can quickly go with any of the dips you prefer, such as hummus, guacamole, or even your regular spinach dip. It is a clean and healthy treat and even a good and picked snack for those with allergies and intolerances. Any veggie pulp of your choice can be used for the preparation of crackers. However, carrots are highly preferable which can be juiced using the best carrot juicers in India.

3. Cook a burger patty

A little addition to your regular burger will make it tastier but also a lot healthier! You can easily add a hearty helping of pulp to your next homemade patty or fritter. Among the various options, celery, beet, carrot, spinach, or cucumber pulp is the most recommended because of the earthy balance they add to your burger. Additionally, they add plenty of nutrients to your ordinary vegan patty.

4. Make a smoothie

Adding a scoop of veggie or fruit pulp into your morning blend is a wise option. It helps you bulk up and add fiber and nutrients to your ordinary smoothie. Adding your leftover fruit/vegetable pulp to smoothies will also help thicken it up, which will give it a delicious, milkshake-like constituency.

5. Pop-out some popsicles

When it comes to fruits and fruit juices, all start craving popsicles. You are bound to like popsicles, no matter what age you are. To prepare your popsicles using the leftover juice pulp, you first need to collect a bit of fruit juice and a lot of pulp. Next, pour out the pulp into the molds and drain them with the juice. Freeze them overnight and then pop out the popsicles and enjoy!

6. Bake for a better use

Do you know why baked goods stuffed with pulps are better than your regular baked items?

The addition of juicer pulp to baked goods adds moisture which makes them fluffier and softer. Be it your bread, muffins, cookies, or your regular cupcakes, the addition of juicer pulp makes it healthier with its benefits. In addition, they are a lot tastier because of the experimentation of multiple flavors in them.

7. Make a healthy breakfast

When you are running out of time and confused about what to add to your breakfast table as a healthier alternative, add a few tablespoons of your juicer pulp into it. It will turn your regular scrambled eggs, skillet, fritters, or even potatoes extraordinary. The extra flavored and nutrient-filled option is just that easy to create when you have some juicer pulp handy.

8. Create your pulp dip

If you require some quick vegetable intake, you can try out raw vegetables with some dips. You can easily make use of your juicer pulp to make some dips. All you need is to mix some cottage cheese and some Greek yogurt and add your vegetable pulp into the mix. Garnish the mixture with your preferred spices, and your dip is ready!

9. Turn your ice cubes bizarre

After a tiring day, you usually feel like gulping down a glass of iced water. You can transform your regular ice cubes into some flavor-filled ones by adding some fruit pulp to them. This way, you can intake more nutrients even when you are going for plain water.

10. Make your green dye

Do you know what green dyes are? Green dyes are sustainable dyes that are organic in origin. They are prepared from leftover juice pulp. These dyes can be used to dye cotton shirts and tees. You can easily create your unique clothing line from your leftover juice pulp just by being a little creative.

11. Give your Pets a snack

You can make your dog food by using pulp from the juicer. These healthy dog treats can be prepared and even stored in batches so that your doggo can occasionally feed on them. It is pretty straightforward to make dog food out of the pulp. All you need is juice pulp, peanut butter, ground flax, and rolled oats in the appropriate proportions.

However, while preparing dog treats, you need to keep in mind that some fruits and vegetables are toxic to dogs. Some of them are onions, grapes, and apple seeds. Dogs also do not enjoy the taste of citrus fruits. If you want to juice only citrus fruits like oranges and mosambi, get the best citrus juicer to match your needs.

So, the most recommended pulps to use for dog treats are carrot, kale, cucumber, lettuce, celery, spinach, melons, and pear. Thus, while making dog treats, you should be a bit more careful about the ingredients and adequately check if they are safe for dogs or not.

pulps from cold press juicer

Experimenting is one of the best parts of money saving-juicing. Messing around with different combinations and exploring new ideas is the element that brings out most of the fun in it. There are so many options and choices of flavors to play around with.

Also, multiple ways are available, making it possible to turn out everyday recipes into healthier alternatives. The pulp is among one of the “good foods” we seem to miss.

There are so many ways to use it for the preparation of various dishes. Even a regular juice is better itself with the pulp in it. You should not make the pulp just an addition to the trash in the green bin. Instead, you should try and implement the various ways to make use of it.

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