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10 Best Hand Blenders in India from Top Brands (2024)

Along with blending fruits and vegetables, a hand blender is an effective kitchen appliance for making whipping cream and cake batter. The best hand blenders in India are brilliant time-saving machines. You can prepare tasty and healthy recipes using them.

Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 is undoubtedly the finest hand blender for our home uses. Prepare a variety of foods like whipping cream, soups, smoothies, cakes, and buttermilk with this blending machine. The chopper bowls and beakers that come along leverage your cooking.

We have listed the best quality hand blenders for 2024; and reviewed them with pros cons, and reasons for choosing. Unlike the fruit juicers, they cater to different facilities for blending, whipping, and baking with whisking the batter. Thus, these blenders will help you master cooking.

Top 10 Best Hand Blenders in India

Hand BlenderBest ForPowerWarrantyScorePrice
Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand BlenderWhipping cream and cake1000 W2 Years9.4Amazon
Kent SS-16044 Hand BlenderHome use400 W1 Year9.1Amazon
Philips HL1655/00 Hand BlenderUnder 1500 INR250 W2 Years8.9Amazon
Bajaj HB 21 Hand BlenderGeneral use300 W2 Years8.9Amazon
Morphy Richards Hand BlenderCake and pastry batter301 W2 Years8.8Amazon
Philips HR1350/C Hand BlenderEase of use250 W2 Years8.6Amazon
Boss E111 Portable Hand BlenderSmoothies and soup125 W1 Year8.4Amazon
AGARO 33285 Hand BlenderButtermilk and whipping cream 800 W1 Year8.6Amazon
Prestige PHB 11.0 Hand BlenderDesign250 W1 Year8.5Amazon
Maharaja Whiteline HB-115 Hand Blender Under 1000 INR130 W2 Years8.2Amazon

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best hand blender in India

Review of India’s Best Hand Blenders for 2024


Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender

Best for Powerful Blending of Whipping Cream & Cake batter
Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 1000W
  • Build material: stainless steel
  • Weight: 1.4 Kg
  • Length of hand blender: 35.5cm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Speed control: Dual speed control
  • Attachments: Chopper and whisker

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

A 1000W DC motor has enough thrust to masticate easily. You can chop and puree the raw ingredients to the smoothest batter. Hence, you prepare any form of food quickly. Making whipping cream, buttercream, pancakes, soups, etc., is easy with this hand blender. You can grind any veggies, fruit with its ergonomic motor. 

Various accessories make cooking fun. You don’t have to fear inefficient cooking. Shoulder off your cooking responsibilities to Inalsa Robot Inox 1000. The 500ml Chopper bowl and 800 ml beaker make everything easy. Chop efficiently using the chopper bowl. Use the beaker to prepare beverages comfortably. It has an additional whisking attachment to whisk consistently.

Cleaning becomes easy as you can disassemble and assemble it. The SS Stem is detachable, which aids you in removing pulps. Since the handle is sturdy, it allows controlling and cleaning. LED light and variable speeds allow further control. All these features make it easier for amateurs to handle.

Often the blenders stop working as the purée enters the shaft. At other times, the friction between the blade and the container might be damaging. Your hand blender will lose its durability and effectiveness.

But what if the blade is covered correctly?

This hand blender covers the blades adequately and has splash-guards to control splashing. Cook as you like using this blender with the chopper.

Review of Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender

  • The highest watt power of 1000W increases its operating speed.
  • Several accessories like chopper and whisking attachment make it versatile.
  • The rim covers the blade and acts as a splash-guard to control splashing.
  • LED light and variable rates make it user-friendly.
  • The stainless steel stem is detachable, which aids in cleaning.
  • The hand blender is easy to use and maintain.
  • The weight of the hand blender is slightly on the higher side.
  • It is relatively expensive.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 is the best hand blender in India because of its powerful 1000W motor drive system. Due to such a strong motor power, it can blend faster. Along with whisk attachment, LED light, and different speeds, it is pro-blender. If you want perfection, then go for this!


Kent SS-16044 Hand Blender

Best for Home Use
Kent SS-16044 Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 400W
  • Build material: stainless steel
  • Weight: 680 g
  • Length of hand blender: 6.5 cm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Speed control: variable speed control
  • Attachments: blending

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

Various speed controls are necessary for bakers. You can churn the batter to the exact consistency. Other dishes, buttermilk, smoothies, and baby food also demand precision. Kent Hand Blender SS-16044 is perfect with several speed controls. Make a delicious dish that is on point with such a blender.

Kent Hand Blender SS-16044 is one of the best hand blenders in 2024 for home use. Of course, its stainless steel body makes it durable enough. Many times it’s seen that the blender gets damaged. The damage is because of regular strenuous use to blend hot batters. Its supreme stainless body bears the heat from hot baby food. This hand blender is sturdy enough to sustain.

Shafts are the vital organs inside a blender. It helps a lot in functioning. Many times, this shaft can be havoc while cleaning. If the shaft is detachable, then you can clean it easily. This affordable hand blender under 2000 helps you attain a mess-free kitchen. Making ghee can create stains, mop it away with this.

You can carry a blender that comes with a power cord. It is one such precious hand blender. Now you can pack this 0.68 Kilograms lightweight hand blender anywhere. Use the cable to connect to the plug and enjoy smoothies anywhere.

Review of Kent SS-16044 Hand Blender

  • 400 W motor power is efficient to blend smoothly.
  • It produces the lowest noise while operating.
  • Variable speed control helps you to decide the consistency.
  • You can clean effectively with the detachable shaft.
  • Its durable stainless steel body stands for hot and cold batters.
  • It has a low warranty period of 1 year compared to the previous pick Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender.
  • No extra attachments are available.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

Kent Hand Blender SS-16044 is best for amateurs. With the necessary options and buttons, it can operate brilliantly. The lower noise saves you from noise pollution. So, if you want a great user experience, then choose it. 


Philips HL1655/00 Hand Blender

Best Under 1500 INR
Philips HL1655/00 Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 250W
  • Build material: steel
  • Weight: 1.14 Kg
  • Length of hand blender: 9.1 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Maximum run time: 20 minutes
  • Attachments: blending and whisking

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

There are many reasons to include Philips HL1655/00 hand blender in this list of top-class hand blenders in India. The first one has to be its easy cleaning. Blenders are intricate gadgets that are difficult to clean. But this hand blender’s ergonomic shape without grooves aids you in cleaning it. Maintaining is as easy as cleaning. The additional wall bracket stores the blender perfectly.

Churning and blending raw fruits and veggies can damage blenders. Similarly, a hot ingredient can harm the blades. Philips HL1655/00 is durable enough to combine anything. The rust-free material allows you to blend raw smoothies or hot soups. It has food-graded materials, your food and dishes will remain healthy.

Philips HL1655/00 hand blender has a brilliant design that helps you to use it easily. You get a firmer grip over it. The single trigger press makes it convenient. It saves your time as you can continuously blend for 20 minutes. It is the best hand blender under 1500 that is suitable for every user. 

You can increase your cooking speed using the two different blades. Various blades help you in making ghee, whipping baby foods, and so on. Easy cooking with efficiency is possible due to these unique blades. You can ace multiple sorts of dishes through them. You can even remove these stainless steel blades for cleaning.

Review of Philips HL1655/00 Hand Blender

  • The removable blades help you whisk the batters.
  • Single trigger press helps you blend conveniently.
  • Save your time by running continuously for 20 minutes.
  • Fewer grooves in the design provide you a better grip.
  • Stainless steel arms are highly durable.
  • It is comparatively heavyweight.
  • There is only a single speed variation.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender is perfect for busy people. With powerful blades, you can incessantly blend for 20 minutes. You can use it for emergency occasions where extra guests are there. Thanks to the lesser grooves, you get a better grip. Overall, it is a time savior.


Bajaj HB 21 Hand Blender

Best for General Use
Bajaj HB 21 Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 300 W
  • Build material: stainless steel
  • Length of blender: 14 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Attachments: blending

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

Bajaj HB 21 hand blender is ISI approved. You can depend upon the blender for safe food preparations. ISI is a standardized mark that adopts the quality of the hand blender. It does not produce any carcinogenic substances while blending. Even the heat produced is resisted by the supreme materials. Your soup remains nutritious even after mixing.

A Penta flow beaker holds and churns well. You can make puree, sauces, and soup effectively. Along with an easy-click fit lock system, the entire beaker system is safe. Any mishap won’t occur due to the locking system. You can even blend buttermilk with this smooth beaker system.

Bajaj HB 21 hand blender is one of the best hand blenders in India. It has an installed unit hanger that makes it comfy to handle. Ergonomic and a fantastic design render you complete control. As a user, you crave a better grip. Now this affordable blender under 1500 comes in handy. Lower noise levels while blending soothes the ear and aids in blending. Thus, it is a wholesome pack of joy for users. 

It is an ABS hand blender system that you can disassemble. Along with a 300W DC motor, you can blend anything effectively. It has multipurpose blades that can blend raw ingredients. Churn any dish or blend the hot soups. 

Review of Bajaj HB 21 Hand Blender

  • The hand blender is highly portable due to its lightweight.
  • It has a Detachable ABS blender stem that helps you while washing.
  • Unit hanger makes it easy to maintain.
  • Penta flow beaker stem churns and holds well.
  • ISI-approved hand blender is safe for foods.
  • There is no speed control.
  • Only blending attachment is provided.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

Bajaj HB 21 Hand Blender is excellent for safety. A safety lock, unlike other hand blenders, secures you. The unique Penta flow beaker system and the unit hanger are beneficial. The unique parts and options make it a worthy item.


Morphy Richards Hand Blender

Best for Cake and Pastry Batter
Morphy Richards Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 301 W
  • Build material: plastic
  • Weight: 730 g
  • Length of hand blender: 13.8 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Attachments: blending

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

Many times, it does not smoothly masticate the tough veggies. Such coarse baby food won’t be digested well by newborns. A sturdy DC motor of 301 W does away with that problem. Be it tough cauliflowers or pineapples. You can churn anything. Savor quality homemade buttermilk in a hassle-free manner.

The detachable leg is some top-class features. Post-usage, the hand blender becomes sticky with pulps. If you are baking, then the sticky batter eats your washing time. With a detachable leg and shaft, you can easily clean. With this device, your kitchen remains sassy, not messy.

It has multi-functional blades that do the work of several blades. You don’t have to alter the blades as they are enough for easy grinding. The sharp blades do more than blending. You get comfortable blending with them.

It is one of the best hand blenders for cake in India. Thanks to its super-slim body, you can use it everywhere. Hang it in the kitchen corner after use. So, it becomes handy, and you don’t lose your mind. Thanks to the advanced lock, you can lock the device while using it. Lock the blender even after you have finished cooking. In this way, you get to make 100% use of it.

Review of Morphy Richards Hand Blender

  • 301 W motor grinds all the harsh ingredients.
  • The ergonomic design helps you to hold easily.
  • Multi-functional blades encompass varieties of operations.
  • You can use a stainless shaft to churn hot soups.
  • It has a detachable leg which you can be disengaged.
  • The plastic body is less durable.
  • Only a single speed setting is available.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

Morphy Richards Hand Blender has a durable blade. The robust stainless steel blades work at 301 W powers. Thus, you can cook, blend, and slice, and so on. It is perfectly suitable who like to make cakes frequently.


Philips HR1350/C Hand Blender

Best for Ease of Use
PHILIPS HR1350/C Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 250W
  • Build material: plastic
  • Weight: 839 g
  • Length of blender: 10cm
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Attachment: blending

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

It has a 1 L beaker with a lid. After juicing any eatable, you can store it in the beaker and measure as per requirement. Thus, the juice or sauce remains protected from external dust. Any flies or insects won’t be able to trespass—the sole reason being a protective lid cover. You can extract nutrients from fruits and healthily store them. Also, you can carry soups inside this beaker.

PHILIPS HR1350/C Hand Blender comes with a detachable shaft. It has facilities for cleaning. Unlike other inefficient blenders, you can wash this dishwasher-friendly gadget.

Blenders that stay are those that are made up of top-notch materials. PHILIPS HR1350/C Hand Blender has a long two years warranty. It is made up of superior ABS Plastic. Also, the interior blades are non-corrosive, made of stainless steel. It is a blaster for people who want value for money.

Hand blenders are generally small instruments, but many times, weight becomes a significant problem. PHILIPS HR1350/C Hand Blender weighs 839 Grams. With 10 x 10 x 5 Centimeters dimensions, it is perfectly composed. So, you can carry it anywhere. It is a portable tool that can be packed and taken while traveling.

Review of Philips HR1350/C Hand Blender

  • 250W motor is powerful enough to blend various dishes.
  • The wall bracket allows you to hang the hand blender after use.
  • 839 Grams of weight makes it portable.
  • It is dishwasher-friendly.
  • 1 L lid beaker stores the blended materials.
  • Plastic body material is not that durable.
  • It has comparatively lesser motor power.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

You can choose PHILIPS HR1350/C Hand Blender for its excellent attachments. The 1 L lid beaker is fantastic for holding the juices. You can blend in baby food, and soups then pour them into the cup. It is a perfect combo for various uses.


Boss E111 Portable Hand Blender

Great for making Smoothies, and Soup
Boss E111 Portable Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 125W
  • Build material: Steel
  • Weight: 800g
  • Length of hand blender: 32 cm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Speed control: 2 variable speeds
  • Attachment: blending

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

A 12000 RPM motor is enough to ace in fast blending. You can leverage your speed of cooking with it. Thanks to this fastest hand blender, the more rapid rate increases the operation quality. 

The two variable speed controls help you choose consistency. Such a brilliant instrument is aptly fit for home use. If you have a large family, then it will give you versatility. Blend thick pulp for cakes or smooth, liquidy for soups.

The wall mounting stand assists you in placing the blender. If you start using it, you will fall in love with it. You can comfortably store the hand blender after use. Lighter weight of 800 grams and compact design makes it fruitful. If you have a small kitchen, then this is the right fit. 

There are three stainless steel blades for various functions. Whisk Blade is perfect for whisking and chopping. Secondly, the mincer Blade for slicing the ingredients. Thirdly, Beater blade to chop and dice anything at a faster pace. Irrespective of their function, these blades have one thing in common. They are razor-sharp and can minutely grind. You can whip creams and bake a perfect birthday cake now. Thus, it is the best hand blender for whipping cream in India.

Review of Boss E111 Portable Hand Blender

  • The wall mounting stand holds the gadget after use.
  • The three stainless steel blades blend better.
  • Control the operation power with the two variable speed controls.
  • It is very fast and easy to operate.
  • Ergonomic design increases its user-friendly power.
  • This hand blender is budget-friendly.
  • Its low motor power of 125W blends slowly.
  • It has a lesser warranty of 1 year.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

Boss E111 Portable Hand Blender is the name of effective blending. Enjoy cooking with a fast 12000 RPM and three blades. Use the two variable speeds to increase and decrease the speed. These blades and super-duper function got your back. You can experience joy with effective blending.


AGARO 33285 Hand Blender

Best for Making Buttermilk and Whipping Cream
AGARO 33285 Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 800 W
  • Build material: steel
  • Weight: 920 g
  • Length of blender: 7.9 cm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Speed control: 2 modes
  • Attachments: blending

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

Versatile is the one word to describe AGARO 33285 Hand Blender. You can operate in two separate modes. Use one for chopping and slicing. With this 1st mode, you can use it for tough veggies and fruits. At the same time, the 2nd mode is perfect for mixing.

A powerful 800W motor is enough to chop and grind faster. It would take you only minutes to blend the morning smoothies. A long 1.5 Meters cord makes cooking easier. Just connect to any socket, and you can churn. You won’t have to be late for the office anymore. AGARO 33285 Hand Blender got your back.

The product material is 100% BPA-free. This stamp makes the plastic suitable for daily use. Overheating can result in the production of carcinogens. But a food-grade material safeguards your family. Thanks to this superior build, your child is safe from contamination.

The stainless steel S-shaped blade of the hand blender from Agaro with a chopper is very protective. It has all the top-class cutting and chopping features. A protective covering ensures security from all aspects. Thus, you face no splitting or splashing. Your kitchen, as well as you, remains safe from such dangers.

Review of AGARO 33285 Hand Blender

  • Supreme 800W motor power will chop finely.
  • A protective guard along the blades allows proper blending.
  • 100% BPA-free material saves all the nutrients.
  • Two separate modes provide versatile blending.
  • It bars noise pollution while functioning.
  • No extra attachments are available.
  • 900g weight makes it comparatively heavy.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

AGARO 33285 Hand Blender provides all-around security. You can cook healthy dishes using 100%BPA free materials. Also, the protective guard allows you to use it inside any vessel. Be it pan, plate, or bowl, use it anywhere. This protective cover will prevent splashing. Thus, you won’t get boils or accidental mishaps due to splashing. To save yourself and your family from any dangers, choose this.


Prestige PHB 11.0 Hand Blender

Best for Excellent Design
Prestige PHB 11.0 Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 250 W
  • Build material: Plastic
  • Weight: 580 g
  • Length of blender: 25 cm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Attachments: blending

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

After you use the hand blender, it automatically starts cooling. An automatic reset switch ensures the automatic cool-down. In this way, it protects you from any thermal danger. The machine shuts down after 2 minutes of continuous usage. It saves the blender walls from damage due to heating.

It is India’s best hand blender brand because of its slim design. You can hold the gadget in whatever way you want and start blending. A super-slim body will give you the ultimate hold. Hence, you can enjoy cooking. Prestige PHB 11.0 Hand Blender makes it easy for you to just focus on cooking.

With a 580 grams blender, your hands won’t pain. After a heavy baking session, you will not be annoyed. Prestige PHB 11.0 Hand Blender gives you such freedom. You can blend anything at ease without much trouble. The weight decides whether or not you’ll be able to carry the hand blender. It is one such user-friendly gadget. 

The blades are finely curated to chop and cook. You can blend anything and everything. These blades are perfectly sharp for making soups. Intricate stuff like making ghee can also be accessed. With a 250W power motor, the blades work effectively. So the final blended product is just excellent.

Review of Prestige PHB 11.0 Hand Blender

  • 250W motor power is beneficial for daily use.
  • The portable device of 580 grams.
  • Razor-sharp blades for smooth soups.
  • The slim design provides better control.
  • An automatic shut-off system prevents any danger.
  • The plastic material build makes it lesser durable.
  • Less warranty period of 1 year.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

Prestige PHB 11.0 Hand Blender is a device that is an affordable set. You can opt for this pack because it has all the features at a lower price. From excellent blades to speed control, you can use it for all.


Maharaja Whiteline HB – 115 Hand Blender 

Best Under 1000 INR
Maharaja Whiteline HB - 115 Hand Blender

Key Features

  • Power: 130W
  • Build material: plastic
  • Weight: 545 g
  • Length of hand blender: 12.1 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Attachment: blending

How Can this Hand Blender Help You?

Buttons and switches can be confusing for amateurs. You need not be tech-savvy to juice. Many users are unable to decipher how to use a blender properly. The Maharaja Whiteline HB – 115 Hand Blender has push buttons that smoothly operate. You enjoy control over your appliance through this mechanism.

It is one of the best hand blenders in India for regular kitchen requirements. Although it combines speedily, it is sound-proof. That’s what makes it perfect for homes with babies. The screeching noise can create noise pollution, but it is beyond that.

You can detach the foot of the Maharaja Whiteline HB 115 hand blender while washing and then reattach it again. It increases the longevity of the blender. In this way, you can remove any stuck pulps. You can remove the stains from making ghee.

Keep on making butter using the food-grade safe hand blender. All the ingredients after blending remain safe from chemical hazards. Prepare baby food or buttermilk with it. Therefore, you can mix any ingredient without losing nutrition.

Review of Maharaja Whiteline HB – 115 Hand Blender

  • The push-button control provides ease and comfort.
  • The detachable foot allows thorough cleaning.
  • Food-grade materials remain safe from the chemical influx.
  • Speedy blending with soundless function.
  • It can crush the ice with its effective blades.
  • 130W power produces the lowest output compared to other blenders in this article.

Why Is This Hand Blender Worthy for Indians?

Maharaja Whiteline HB – 115 Hand Blender is a two-in-one system. Although it works faster, the screeching sound is low. It prevents any screeching noise while operating. For home uses, this is the best fit.

benefits of best hand blenders

Why Should You Use a Good-Quality Hand Blender?

Hand blenders are one of the most useful appliances in our kitchen. You can use it from blending juices to making whipping cream and batter for the cake. Blended juices are different than juices made with a juicer.

However, all hand blenders are not the same. As it costs a significant amount of money, you must choose the best hand blender wisely for your requirements. Here are some remarkable benefits you will get from such a good-quality hand blender.

They are lightweight, compact and portable

A compact and slim hand blender eats less space. If you have a small kitchen, they are best for home use. Their ergonomic design makes them seamless. Hand blenders are generally lightweight and have lesser measurements. So, you can carry them on a trip. Or, while traveling, you can rely upon them. Cordless hand blenders aid you in carrying the blender. You can even detach the parts. Now they have become more portable than other gadgets.

Best hand blenders have a versatile use

You can utilize blenders with different attachments for prepping other dishes. From blending, chopping, slicing, you can do it all. Maintain the consistency of the juice or mixture using the speed control. If you crave variety, then hand blenders will serve the purpose. You also get options from Immersion blenders and traditional blenders.

They are easy of use and maintain

All sorts of blenders are known for ease of use. Their ergonomic handles help you grip the blender well. While using, you get various facilities. Splash prevention and other rims on blades barricade splashes. Pan guards covering the blades are also great for use inside the vessels. You can thus use the hand blenders inside the pan or other dishes. Stainless steel blades blend cold or hot mixtures easily. Clean the hand blenders easily by detaching the shafts and feet. You can store the blender inside the storage cart. You can also hang it on a wall mounting stand. So, using hand blenders is the easiest.

Quality Blenders come with niched attachments

Hand blenders have several attachments which serve different purposes. The choppers will help you chop. In contrast, you can knead bread and pizza with kneaders. Wire beaters are good for making cakes and desserts. Dough hooks are suitable for pasta and pizza. Similarly, use frother for juice frothing. So, you see, various attachments have niche applications. 

how to choose the best hand blender for cake and whipping cream

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Hand Blender for Cake and Whipping Cream

There are several key decision factors to consider while choosing the best hand blender in India. You can fall into decision fatigue, but this section will prevent so. Not only the generalized perceptions but also the varieties of features might baffle you. After coming across several factors, you can understand what you got to do next.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to choose a brand that follows the guidelines of the Bureau of Indian Standards. So, read on the most crucial factors to choose a suitable hand blender for your requirements.

Choose a suitable type of hand blender for your needs

There are basically two types of hand blenders available in the market-

  • Corded Hand Blender
  • Cordless Hand Blender
cordless hand blender

A corded hand blender is also called an immersion blender or stick blender as you can hold it with its handle. The beater attachments are detachable. At the end corner, the blade is present in an immersion blender. This is perfect for hand blending as it helps you grind minutely. That means it can blend intricately. You can choose it if you want a user-friendly gadget. Traditional blenders are better in other cases.

Traditional hand blenders provide you a better grip. These blenders have various attachments based on which they are differentiated.

A cordless hand blender is less efficient in comparison to a corded one. Corded hand blenders are not that portable. So, if you plan to carry blenders, then cordless ones are best. While for quality, choose corded versions.

Corded vs Cordless Hand Blender

Point of DifferenceCorded Hand BlenderCordless Immersion Blender
Power CapacityCorded blenders are very powerful.Cordless blenders are less powerful.
Wattage Range100 watts to 1000 watts.Less than 400 watts.
Best ForAny kitchen size.Small kitchens with less space on the countertop.

So, according to your purpose, choose a suitable type of hand blender. Apart from these two types, you can also have some close variants- juicer mixer grinder, hand mixer, stand mixer, and bullet blender.

Power requirement of the best hand blender

The motor power of a hand blender can go up to 1200W. For regular use, you can rely on 1200-900 wattage power. Any average blender consumes 200-500W power. They can finely prepare smoothies and baby foods. However, for a cost-efficient product, you can go for 100W hand blenders.

PurposeMinimum PowerMaximum Power
Blending of normal fruits and vegetables100 watts200 watts
Chopping hard vegetables or frozen fruits200 watts 500 watts
Crushing ice and harder ingredients500 watts 1000 watts

A hand blender with a long power cord of over 1 meter works well since corded blenders are overtly efficient so that you can get more out of them. If you run a hand blender at 500 watts for 10 minutes daily, it will cost you only 2.3 kWh or units per month which will cost you barely around 15 INR!

making cake batter with hand blender

Variable speed control and maximum runtime

There are two types of blenders based on speed control. Variable speed controls of 1-2 settings work fine. Using them, you can juice well. Even while baking, you attain that precise consistency. Make a thick or liquid thin batter. In contrast, blenders with no speed variations devoid your versatility. You don’t get the choice to select the consistency.

Hand blenders that can run continuously for at least 2 minutes are the best for faster food preparation. You can perpetually use them to blend larger dishes. This saves time as you get the job done in a single go. They are safer to use because these machines cool down sufficiently. So, no chances of overheating remain. If you love fruit juices but are worried if the nutrition would be damaged at the high speed of blending, get a cold press juicer for such a need.

Availability of blending attachments

Chopping blade, frother, whisk, dough hook, and wire beater are some attachments. Their names correspond to the various functions they perform.

  • Whisker: Whisk, the mixtures, be it whipping cream or soup, they can create blend easily. You can also whisk any idli, omelet, or other batters for delicacies. 
  • Wire Beater: They are fantastic for beating smooth cake and pastry batters.
  • Dough Hook: You can knead a bread dough using this one. Make pasta, cake, or pizza with this attachment.
  • Milk Frother: Using a frother, you can bubble up your smoothies or buttermilk. You can also choose frother for smoothly frothing juices. Buttermilk, smoothies, and other juices are examples.
  • Chopping Blade: Chopping blade, as the name suggests, chops minutely. You can use this wand to slice raw veggies and fruits. There are different types of blades, you can find more detail here.

Quality and durability of build materials

Hand blenders with stainless steel blades are most durable. They are corrosion-resistant. So, you can use them for smoothies and soups. Many times, the chemicals in the juices and materials corrode the materials. But a stainless steel blender is averting such dangers. 

Hand blenders with ABS plastic materials are great for healthy juices. They do not contaminate the mixture with carcinogenic substances. If the hand blender has food-grade materials, they are highly health beneficial. You can choose them for preparing baby food. Even for sustaining the nutrition of the ingredients, you can select them. 

Hand Blender blades and their cage

Blenders with two stainless steel blades are best for faster blending. You can blend any harsh ingredients like hard veggies. The blades that are razor sharp have a higher efficiency rate. You can chop, slice or dice minutely. It avoids any coarser materials from the soups. 

So, if you want fast and quality blending, then two blades are fine. Otherwise, single-blade hand blenders are also suitable for blending. Always choose a stainless steel hand blender because it remains rust-free.

Hand blenders with these cages are handy because of-

  • You can use hand blenders with pan guards. They have a plastic cover around their blades that protect the fiber, non-stick vessels.
  • Splash guard-Splash guard in the blades prevents them from splashing the ingredients.

Size, weight, and portability of hand blender

A compact and light weighing hand blender are great for portability. Generally, hand blenders below 1kg weight are the best fit. They eat up less space. But you must remember that lightweight hand blenders have lesser features. So, go for a heavier one for parts while the lighter one for portability.

You can carry cordless blenders anywhere you want. They don’t require electric current, and thus you can use them anywhere. However, a corded hand blender has higher efficiency.

Ease of using is a crucial factor

Ease of use provides higher freedom while using. Ergonomic handles and slim designs make the hand blender comfy to use. Hand blenders with a unit hanger make them handy. Wall mounting stand helps you place the blender after use. 

Some blenders come with lid beakers and storage carts. You can use the storage cart to keep the bleeder safely after use. In contrast, beakers with lids come handy to store the juices. These accessories are valuable to hold the hand blender and the juice blended. 

Here is a fantastic video by Tastemade that you can check to know some useful hacks with using your hand blender-

Frequency of cleaning and maintenance

Hand blenders that have detachable parts help you in cleaning. You can remove the shaft, feet, and handle. By disassembling the blender, you can wash every aspect with ease. 

Many dishwasher-safe hand blenders with ergonomic shapes aids in cleaning. No lumps of ingredients will remain stored inside the blender parts. Thus, they are more durable than other hand blenders. 

A hand blender’s size, weight, and shape determine the maintenance difficulty. Choose a compact and ergonomic hand blender that you can store easily. 

Brand reputation and customer service

A hand blender from a renowned brand has a higher guarantee than others. Their brand reputation and customer reviews are a testimonial. 

The customer service of a brand varies. That is where you understand the credibility of a brand. This is the foremost reason why brand reputation matters in today’s generation. Thus, you should rely upon the brand. 

Safety measures are must

For thermal and electrical safety, you can choose automatic shut-off blenders. They shut off after continuous use to prevent overheating.

Hand blenders with a locking system are great to use with toddlers at home. You can lock these blenders after use so that no emergency recurs. Select a hand blender that can protect you and your family from dangers. 

For safety measures, you must follow these guidelines-

  • Check the cord quality before plugging in the hand blender.
  • Never run a blender continuously for more than 2 minutes.
  • Do not keep it powered-on when not in use.
  • Choose only suitable types of foods, fruits or ingredients, otherwise the blade can break up.
  • Wash everytime after use to prevent clogging and keep it in a hygienic condition.
  • Before scraping using a spatula, switch off the blender.
  • Pause or stop the motor, then place it in the vessel.
  • Never allow children below 10 years to use any rotating appliance like a hand blender.
  • Do not allow loose clothes or body parts near the blender blades to avoid potential accident.
  • Always use the handle, don’t touch the blades while churning.
  • Read the user manual for brand-specific safety instructions.
  • Avoid water near the electrical components of the hand blender.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hand Blenders

Are hand blenders useful?

Yes, hand blenders are useful for blending, slicing, and kneading. You can use hand blenders for home use. Use the blender to prepare smoothies, buttermilk, baby food, soup. It is also suitable for making butter and making ghee. Hand blenders are compact portable devices. So, if you want a healthy trip, then choose this.

Which brand is suitable for hand blenders?

Inalsa is the best hand blender brand in the Indian market for its perfect combination of the quality and price of the blender. They have a transparent warranty system and responsive customer service. As alternatives; Philips, Kent, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, Prestige, and Boss are also good brands for hand blenders.

How many watts should a hand blender be?

Efficient hand blenders can range from 200-500W. That is the average power consumption rate. If you want a sturdier motor that suits regular usage, go for 600W-1000W. With more motor power, the hand blender will work faster. You can attain smooth glasses of smoothies in no time. 

Which is the best – hand blender or hand mixer?

Hand blender covers various perspectives. You can use it to chop, slice, blend and even knead. Thus, you can make smoothies, buttermilk, or soups. It is excellent for making ghee as well as for making butter. Various blender attachments like frother, chopper, kneader help you. In comparison, a hand mixer is best for mixing batter and dough. But it is not dedicated to blending. For variety, you can choose a hand blender. 

Can Hand Blender be used for making chutney?

Hand blenders have sharp razor blades. Thus, along with a chopper attachment, you can make chutneys. Prepare mint or coriander chutney by using your blender. Once you put the raw ingredients, put all the masala powders. Then use the hand blender to churn the mix well for a minute or two. Tada! Your chutney is ready to be served.

Can a hand blender crush ice?

Yes, a hand blender can effectively crush ice. An immersion blender is best for ice–crushing. However, you can rely upon powerful hand blenders with 500 watts or more to do the job. Many brands provide ice-crushing attachments with their products. You have to pour extra cups of water into a traditional blender. So, you can savor iced buttermilk in summers.

Can a hand blender make smoothies?

Hand blenders can make smooth glasses of smoothies. They have powerful ergonomic blades that chop the ingredients. After you place the raw fruits and vegetables, it starts operating. Then the highly sharp blades directed by high motor power will work. Finally, the blades start chopping and grinding the raw materials. You can also select the speed controls to dictate the consistency.

How can you clean the hand blender?

To clean a hand blender, there are two processes. The most recommended method is cleaning the attachments after removal from the chuck. In this process, unmount the attachment and soak it in a warm water solution of dishwashing detergent for 15 minutes. It will loosen the tiny sticky particles on the hand blender. Then use a sponge and gently clean the attachments. Finally, rinse them in water for more cleanliness. The second method of cleaning involves running the blender inside a glass of water. Ensure that the mouth and diameter of the glass are wide enough and do not jam the head of the hand blender. The base and body of the hand blenders can be cleaned by wiping them with vinegar and a wet cloth.

Are parts of a hand blender dishwasher safe?

Yes, some hand blenders are Dishwasher safe. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions. Whether or not a hand blender is dishwasher safe, you will understand. Sometimes the detachable shafts and feet are Dishwasher safe. In that case, you can disengage them. Then clean them comfortably.

best quality hand blender

Best Hand Blender in India: Conclusion

The more money, the more your financial freedom. People are stressing over economic freedom. But most of them do not know how to do so. The simplest solution is to save time.
Several factors go into saving time. You can save time by pacing your lifestyle. Cooking is a regular activity that takes a lot of time.

Hand blenders are a boon to human civilization. They are a cute little gadget that solves several problems. Being lightweight and sleek, they give a glossy look to your kitchen.  Most of them come in handy. You can even detach every part of a hand blender.

Using a hand blender for blending, chopping, and whisking is easy. But they are not suitable for heavy juicing. If you love fruits like oranges, get a citrus juicer. Similarly, use a carrot and beetroot juicer to juice healthy carrots and beetroots for your breakfast.

Like a real-life helping hand, isn’t it?

Yes, of course, hand blenders are comfy while and after use.

You can wash it by disengaging the shaft and other parts. Most of the time, the hand blenders are dishwasher safe. So, blend as well as wash without any further ado.

In recent times when the workload is increasing, people want to help hands. A hand blender comes to the rescue at every moment. Not only to save time but also for perfection. Use the best hand blender in 2024 to blend whipping cream and batter for cakes.

Prepare a perfect cake or a perfect milkshake. You don’t have to sit behind thinking about how you can cook/ bake like a professional. Do that easily by blending correctly. 

There are several hand blenders, and all of them are for different uses. You might be confused about their utilities. So, you take the help of our guide to follow through. Read this entire blog to understand the nitty-gritty of a blender. Cook buttermilk, soups, or prepare something else. 

Blend your favorites, and we wish you a happy blending!

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