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10 Best Cold Press Juicers in India (2022) for Your Home

Cold press juicers are the healthiest option for any juice lover for their ability to retain nutrients. After researching, trying and testing numerous products, we have found that Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer is the best cold press juicer in India for 2022. It can produce fresh fruit juice, nut milk, celery juice, and delicious leafy green juices using it’s 76 mm large feeding tube and 50 RPM motor rotation. The juicer is easy to use and maintain.

People may have different choices for cold press juicers depending on several crucial factors. Thus, check the alternatives from the brands like Hestia, Hurom, Agaro, Balzano, Usha, etc. Also, read the buying guide to know how to choose a suitable cold press juicer for your needs.

Top 10 Best Cold Press Juicers in India

ProductsPowerRotationWeightWarrantyCheck Price
Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Slow Juicer240 Watts50 RPM10.3 Kg1 Year on juicer and 10 years on motorAmazon
Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer 240 Watts55 RPM9.22 Kg1 Year on juicerAmazon
Kuvings EVO-Series Cold Press Slow Juicer240 Watts50 RPM11.3 Kg1 Year on juicer and 10 years on motorAmazon
Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer150 Watts43 RPM5.3 Kg1 Year on juicer and 10 years on motorAmazon
Agaro 33293 Imperial Slow Juicer240 Watts60 RPM8.55 Kg1 Year on juicer and 5 years on motorAmazon
Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Slow Juicer200 Watts60 RPM5.49 Kg1 Year on juicerAmazon
Borosil Health Pro BSJU20WB14 Slow Juicer200 Watts70 RPM3.76 Kg2 Years on juicerAmazon
Usha Nutripress CPJ 361S Cold Press Juicer200 Watts70 RPM6.1 Kg2 Years on juicer and 5 years on motorAmazon
Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer140 Watts55 RPM3.92 Kg1 Year on juicerAmazon
Bajaj Platini VJ01 Slow Juicer150 Watts60 RPM4.56 Kg2 Years on juicerAmazon

best cold press juicer in India

Best Cold Press Juicers in India for 2022- Expert Review


Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Slow Juicer

Best Buy for 2022
Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Slow Juicer

Key Features

  • The Package: Juicer, Strainers, Auger, Cleaning Kit, Juice Jar, Pulp Jar.
  • Power Requirement: 240 Watts.
  • Motor Rotation: 50 RPM.
  • Materials: Stainless Steel 304/316 for strainer, Copper Wound Motor, 100 % BPA-free food-grade Ultem and Tritan plastic for Auger and Juicer body.
  • 76 mm large feeding tube for fruits and vegetables.
  • Patented JMCS juicing system for higher yield and performance.
  • Weighs 10.3 Kg
  • Safety lock mechanism to ensure safe operation and maintenance.
  • Warranty: 1 year on juicer and 10 years on motors and gears.

Our View On Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Slow Juicer

Mornings can be pretty hectic on a busy day. How about taking a cold press juicer machine that aids in preparing your breakfast?

Kuving’s broad feeding tube saves you from chopping the ingredients. Even Prepare mixed smoothies using the bright drip cap.

Most of the juices that are prepared with regular juicers are less nutritious. They lack nutrition as the juicer discards all the edible pulp. Kuvings‘ cold press juicer can be a rescue option in that case. Being a cold press juicer, all the nutritional values are saved with it. From rich minerals, enzymes to healthy carbs and fats, everything remains. It is specially designed to suit the user’s fitness goals.

Doubts regarding the machine’s usability and effectiveness are squashed by it. The entire ingredient is crushed to bits into a tasty juice. All thanks to its superior motor with 240 Watts of power.

Customers always want the worth of their money. This technology renders more benefits than what is invested. Quality JMCS technology ensures thicker and great quantity juice production from a single fruit. So, if you are searching for the best cold press juicer in India to save your time, then this is the finest pick.

The Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer comes with the “Reverse Function”. You can use it to unclog the pulp and keep juicing. Allow the juicer to squeeze the ingredients in the bowl before adding another ingredient to avoid the situation of pulp clogging or overfeeding.

While Juicing, make sure to keep the tap closed as it allows efficient mixing of mixed fruits or vegetable juices before serving. For these advantages, Kuvings B1700 is also the best Juicer in India.

  • A strong motor that crushes fruits and vegetables easily.
  • A wide feeding tube produces a significant quantity of juice.
  • Cleaning is simple with Kuvin’s cleaning tool.
  • Safety lock prevents any accidents.
  • Slow technology stores maximum nutrition
  • Can be used as a Juicer, Smoothie Maker and Ice-cream Maker
  • Ideal for juicing fruits like Mango, Kiwi, Litchi, Strawberry, Blueberry, Sitafal, Avacado, Pineapple, Apple, Orange, etc., and vegetables like Wheatgrass, Celery, Parsley, Spinach, Kale, Carrot, Beetroot, Cucumber, Tomato, Bottleguard, Amla, Bittergourd, etc.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • You should not juice hard seeds of fruits like peaches, apricot, plum; frozen fruits like frozen strawberry, blueberry, raspberry; oil like butter, margarine; hard/inedible skins of pineapple, melon, orange and some other ingredients like coconut, sugarcane. They can damage the strainer.
  • If you want to make sorbet/ smoothie, you need to buy the specific attachment separately.

Why is Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer Worthy of Buying?

You should choose this product to produce the best quality cold-pressed juice. Also, the incredible amount will suffice the family’s needs. Even after drinking, you can easily clean the device. No residue will be left in the machine. Therefore, it is a wholesome pack to buy.


Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer 

Best Alternative to Kuvings B1700
Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Key Features

  • The Package: One each of Juicer, Hopper, Pusher, Juicing Screw, Juicing Bowl, Cleaning Brush, Rotation Wiper; three Juice Strainers, and two Jars.
  • Build Materials: 100% BPA-free and non-carcinogenic Ultem plastic for Auger, Juicer: Food-grade Tritan plastic, Strainers: Stainless Steel 304.
  • Dimension: 20.8 x 15.5 x 47.5 mm.
  • 81 mm large feeding tube for fruits and vegetables.
  • Self-cleaning system that needs only a minute to wash the juicer.
  • Power Requirement: 240 Watts.
  • Warranty: 1 year on plastic parts, 3 years on electronics, extendable up to 2 years) and 10 years on motor.
  • Motor Rotation: 46 RPM for 30 minutes of run time.
  • Micro pitch of 2.4 mm between the auger and strainer to maximize juice extraction.
  • Low noise level less than 45 dB.
Why is this Product Better than Other Cold Press Juicers from Hestia?

Hestia cold press juicers come in two different options in India – Hestia Nutri Max and Nutri Squeeze. We were searching for the finest cold press juicer in India based upon juicing quality, longevity, motor speed, and other performance. In this point of view, Hestia Nutri squeeze guarantees just one year on electronic parts and five years on motor. Its rotation speed is also lower that did not fit our needs. In contrast, Hestia Nutri Max has ten years of warranty on the motor and three years on electrical parts. Motor speed and running time is also higher that makes it energy efficient. Therefore, from the perspective of longevity, motor aped, and juice quality, Hestia Nutri max is the best.

Our View On Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Not only the nutrition but the taste must remain intact. A juice with lumps in it does not produce a soothing effect on the palate. Hestia Nutri-max is the best cold press slow juicer for tasty drinks. Composed with PEI Ultem, a laser-like strainer, the juicer will prevent any infiltrates, be it of any size.

Building materials matter a lot in a cold press juicer. As they determine, the nutrient value of the drink ejaculated. Chemical less Tritan plastic can sustain high temperatures without producing harmful chemicals in the drink. As a result, you and your entire family will be protected from any health hazards.

Hestia has prepared the commercial cold press juicer to solve the need for healthy juices. A large feeding tube instilled inside can produce giant pulp. Thus, it can churn several fruits together. This increases the quantity of the juice. Along with the tube, the pusher easily crushes the fruit.

This cold press juicer is brilliant for its user-friendly nature. An efficient juice bowl of Hestia Nutri-Max prevents the juice and the pulp from intermixing. It comes with an intelligent cap that aids in pouring the liquid into the container. You can comfortably clean the device in a hassle-free manner by dropping some water and switching on the device for 30 seconds. Indeed, a wholesome pack that supports ease of use.

  • PEI auger juices most fruits and vegetables.
  • It is made up of Tritan plastic that retains nutrition.
  • It has two outlets that make it easy to use.
  • The juicer has a strong motor that saves energy.
  • It contains a juicer strainer that produces dry pulp.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • High-quality build material.
  • It is expensive.
  • Heavyweight makes it less portable.

Why is Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer Worthy of Buying?

You can choose Hestia as it is a superior juicer. All the facilities needed to juice and crush the ingredients are present. Hence, you can purchase this cold press juicer if you are searching for an energy-saving option. Furthermore, due to the specialized motor, the device is highly efficient.


Kuvings EVO-Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Best Cold Press Juicer with Highest Yield
Kuvings EVO-Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Key Features

  • The Package: Juicer, strainer, Auger, Cleaning kit, Juice and Pulp jar, user manual
  • Materials: Stainless steel strainer, Ultem for Auger, Tritan for juicer body. All materials are BPA-free and food-grade.
  • Power Requirement: 240 Watts
  • Motor Rotation: 50 RPM
  • Warranty: 10 years on motor and gear. 1 year on product. 2 years of extended warranty upon registration.
  • 82 mm large feeding tube for fruits and vegetables.
  • Perfect for juicing Fruits, Vegetables, Leafy Greens. You can also prepare nut milk.
  • Built-in flip gate for the safety of children.
  • JMCS Technology to yield maximum juice.

Our View On Kuvings EVO-Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

It comes at a high juicing speed that adds to your time and energy. Energy efficiency is the need of the hour. Kuvings Evo series is an efficient energy-saving cold press juicer with an 82 mm broad feeding tube that complements the production easily. That cuts down the time of crunching the ingredients. So, the electricity is saved.

Durability and sustenance are the main criteria of people while investing in any product. This top-class cold press juicer solves it. The modern cold press technology works in a manner that enhances machine performance. You get to use the juicer for years to come. It comes with Ultem Auger that goes at par with the needed technology needs.

The more the efficiency of pulp ejection, the merrier. Everyone wants to get a tall glass of juice irrespective of the ingredient quantity. The efficient pulp outlet aids it. Smooth pulp ejection in high volume is produced. No mess remains inside the juicer due to the smart cap making it one of the best cold press juicers for Indian homes and commercial spaces.

A silicon-free juicing bowl helps you in cleaning the slow juicer efficiently. Maintenance is never the issue using this slow juicer. This 5th generation silicon bowl makes everything easy-breezy for you. So, this will stay unharmed for countless years in the future.

  • The bowls are highly modern that aids in assembling.
  • Smart cap facilitates the separation of juice and pulp.
  • The robust auger Crushes the items easily.
  • Has a special green cleaning tool that aids in cleaning.
  • It produces 10% more juice with JMCS technology.
  • It operates faster than the previous two products.
  • Extremely efficient in performance.
  • 3-in-1 multifunction for the juicer, smoothie maker, and ice cream maker.
  • Flip gate for child safety is a unique advantage.
  • Rubber and silicon-free technology for food safety.
  • Very expensive.
  • Weighs more than the previous two juicers.

Why is Kuvings EVO-Series Cold Press Juicer Worthy of Buying?

JMCS technology in this juicer is the topmost feature. You should choose this juicer because of its higher quality and quantity of juice production with advanced safety. Talking about the inner features, you won’t face difficulty in handling the device. Therefore, it is a great choice for people who like a well-arranged product.

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Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Key Features

  • The Package: Juicer unit, Strainer, Pusher, Juice and Pulp Containers, Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Recipe Book.
  • Build Materials: Ultem for Auger, Tritan plastic for hopper, Stainless steel for strainer. All materials are food-safe and BPA-free.
  • Motor Rotation: 43 RPM
  • Power Requirement: 150 Watts
  • 0.3 mm mesh-grid for strainers to filter the juice.
  • Can juice most fruits like orange, apple, amla, mango; milk of nut, coconut, almond, cashew; leafy greens like spinach, Kale, Swiss chard, Arugula, Mustard, Fenugreek; and hard vegetables like Beetroot and Carrot.
  • Warranty: 1 year on juicer and 5 years on motor (Extendable warranty of 5 more years on registration).
Why is this Product Better than Other Cold Press Juicers from Hurom?

Hurom has a series of Hurom HP, Hurom 100, Hurom HAA. We choose the Hurom HP series over others because of its cost-efficiency. We were searching for a cold press juicer that is user-friendly and cost-effective. Hurom HAA did not stand because of its higher price. While Hurom 100 was costly and did not have optional strainers. Hurom HP is best because it has optional strainers that make it user-friendly. All the features come at a lower price. Therefore, we have chosen the HP series as the best pick among other Hurom cold press juicers.

Our View On Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Earlier juicers were designed to just juice out the ingredients that didn’t focus on health benefits. Cold press juicers are new-age equipment that merges health with taste.

Hurom HP series cold press juicer is the best cold press juicer in India under 20000 INR for this reason. Juice quality and the nutritional value of carrots or other vegetables and fruits are maintained well. Thanks to the fine and coarse strainer that crunches the ingredients without destroying their quality.

The powerful AC motor guarantees high auger and machine performance. Made of Ultem material, the auger is quite durable. It can be implemented for daily use with its peak performance. A sturdy and robust motor that can bear any form of pressure ensures high durability.

Designed with a fine 0.3 mm mesh strainer, it supports efficient pulp ejection. With two variant sizes of filters that aids in easy pulp ejection. Thus, you can get a tall glass of your favorite juice in a matter of seconds. It does not create any mess in this process.

  • Ten years warranty on the motor makes it highly durable.
  • Super easy assembly option with the screw.
  • 43 RPM motor juices out the maximum quantity of nutrients.
  • All the pulps are removed due to the finely built strainer.
  • The 2nd generation chamber enhances the flavor and nutrition.
  • Noise-free operation.
  • The juicing process is slower compared to the previous products.
  • The motor is less powerful compared to the previous juicers.

Why is Hurom HP Series Cold Press Juicer Worthy of Buying?

Hurom’s juicer is known for the worth of the money. Customers find it a credible source because of the company’s reputation as well as the quality and performance of the juicer. The powerful motor is the attention-grabbing source, which is highly efficient. You can go for this cold press juicer if you want a durable product.


Agaro 33293 Imperial Slow Juicer with Cold Press Technology

Best Budget Cold Press Juicer
AGARO Slow Juicer with Cold Press Technology

Key Features

  • Materials: Ultem plastic for Auger, Tritan plastic for juicing bowl, ABS plastic for juicer body, SS 304 for for strainer. All materials are BPA-free and also safe for foods.
  • It has 3 strainers for Juice, Smoothie and Sorbet/ Ice cream.
  • 74 mm large feeding tube.
  • Power Requirement: 240 watts
  • Motor Rotation: 60 RPM
  • Warranty: 1 year on electrical parts and 5 years on motor.

Our View On AGARO 33293 Imperial Cold Press Slow Juicer

Most of the commercial cold press juicer produces juice only for a single person. In contrast, the Agaro cold press juicer comes with a unique feeding chute of 74 mm. Being enormous, it can squeeze a whole fruit or veggie at a go. Thus, you get to produce a large quantity of juice for the entire family.

Agaro has equipped this juicer with a 240-watt motor that rotates with 60 RPM speed. It is thus a high-performance juicing machine. You get the best efficiency while using this cold press juicer. Sturdy and well equipped, it is build to bridge your dietary needs.

Whatever the external features of a cold press juicer are, safety counts most. Equipped with BPA-accessible elastic portions, it ensures safety. As a result, you and your family members will face no electrical or any unfortunate accidents. This makes it the best cold press juicer under 15000 for home in India.

Clean the gadget at ease with no tension whatsoever. No clogging of unwanted materials inside the equipment will take place. Use and maintain the juicer using the reverse function. With such a system, it supports the smooth production of delicious fresh juices. Therefore, you get to use the cold press juicer in a hassle-free manner.

  • The large feeding chute can juice a high number of ingredients.
  • Reverse functioning helps in comfortable cleaning.
  • BPA-free plastic ensures the food-safety.
  • Different kinds of drinks like sorbets, smoothies can be prepared.
  • A Screw-shaped auger produces the driest pulp.
  • 30% more yield for juices than centrifugal juicers.
  • There is a reverse function to remove pulps that are stuck.
  • Extracts juice from almost all vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits like Spinach, Mint, Coriander, Amla, Palak, Beetroot, Curry Leaves, Moringa, Apple, Mango, Watermelon, and even coconut milk.
  • The price is very affordable compared to the previous products.
  • Less warranty on the motor.
  • Short feeding tube and higher RPM compared to Kuvings and Hestia.
  • Heavyweight product.
  • No recipe book.

Why is Agaro Cold Press Juicer Worthy of Buying?

You can purchase this product if you want to taste versatile recipes. From juice, sorbets to smoothies, all the delicious fluids can be made. Hence, it is worth the money for a buyer who wants to prepare delicacies for his family.


Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Slow Juicer

Affordable Slow Juicer With All Basic Needs
Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Slow Juicer

Key Features

  • Package: 1 juicer unit and its parts, 2 strainers for juicers and smoothie, 1 cleaning brush.
  • Materials: Stainless steel strainers, BPA-free polycarbonate body.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.
  • Two jars for collecting juice and pulp.
  • Power Requirement: 200 Watts.
  • Motor Rotation: 60 RPM
  • 1 m long connecting power cable.
  • Rubber base for good grip and absorbing vibration.
  • The knob has 3 functions- on, off and reverse.
  • Extracts upto 95% of juice from fruits and vegetables.

Our View On Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Slow Juicer

Are you hunting for a high quantity of juice in a minimum time?

Balzano masticating juicer is the best fit for such requirements. Slow but efficient juicing is possible because of the Juicemax technology. Thus, this modern juicer can produce 95% amount of juice in a few minutes—even dry. Hard stuff can be smoothened easily.

This Balzano juicer is built with superior materials that are used for building to capture all the sounds produced while churning. As a result, you can smoothly prepare nut milk in a soundproof manner. This cuts the excessive sound pollution and makes the process efficient.

Supreme juice max technology enhances the drink quality by churning the fruits and vegetables smoothly and slowly. Due to the anti-oxidation design, it maintains high mineral and nutrition quality in the juice. As a result, you get to make healthy green smoothies losing no nutrition in the process. Top-notch quality means your body will become immune to various diseases.

This machine is ready for sustaining any torment. When you need to blend at a higher speed, most often, the device will cooperate. Many cheap cold press juicers lack longevity. You do not have to face similar situations with Balzano. Being efficient, having a high machine performance, and a durable build makes it more unique.

  • Noiseless operation.
  • Makes highly nutritious juice.
  • High machine performance due to good quality build materials.
  • Juicemax technology produces lesser foam.
  • Built with food-safe materials.
  • Wide feeding chute to put fruits and vegetables.
  • Comes with a sorbet attachment, unlike Kuvings juicers.
  • Advanced safety lock system for hassle-free juicing.
  • Powerful motor for juicing.
  • During juicing, the spinning brush inside the juicer rotates to clean the chamber and strainer to reduce clogging.
  • Cheaper in price compared to the other juicers we’ve listed above.
  • Lower juicing efficiency than the previous products.
  • Assembling can be a bit complicated for people who do not know the process.

Why is Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Juicer Worthy of Buying?

Balzano ZZJ827M is worth going for if you are looking for an easy-breezy juicer. It has all the user benefits that make it highly suitable as one of the best cold press juicers in India. The soundproof quality will prevent any turbulence. Easy assembling of the product makes it highly user-friendly.


Borosil Health Pro BSJU20WB14 200-Watt Slow Juicer

Good Quality Cold Press Juicer under 10000 INR
Borosil Health Pro BSJU20WB13 200-Watt Slow Juicer

Key Features

  • The Package: One each of a Slow Juicer, gear, filter, cup, Pulp container and Instruction Manual.
  • Power Requirement: 200 Watts.
  • Motor Speed: 70 RPM.
  • Warranty: 2 Years on product.
  • Juicer Body Material: ABS plastic

Our View On Borosil Health Pro BSJU20WB14 Cold Press Juicer

Through the in-built spinning brush technology, the ingredients are mixed properly in this juicer. Borosil‘s BSJU20WB14 cold press juicer is the best cold press juicer in India under 10000 INR that maintains the nutrition level of the drink.

Therefore, you get to mix fruits with veggies. Fruit juices that will provide immunity fight diseases can be prepped in a snap. All the minerals, micro-nutrients, and vitamins can be extracted effectively with their use.

So, you don’t have to put in manual efforts to squeeze the juices efficiently. Slow juicing technology multiplies the nutritional value to a greater extent.

The additional juicer jug aids the pulp ejection. In any hasty juice preparation ceremony, you won’t hurry for suitable utensils. A free juicer jug will effectively collect all the pulp ejected. High speed and excellent quantity pulp ejections are guaranteed due to the powerful motor.

Pulps can get stuck inside a juicer, damaging its longevity and reducing efficiency. To solve this problem, a supreme on and reverse spinning function aids in cleaning the gadget. You can remove any pulp effortlessly. So, cleaning is a matter of few minutes with the automatic cleaning technology in this cold press juicer.

  • Powerful motor for slow juicing.
  • Reverse action removes all the pulp at a go.
  • The spinning brush aids in nutrition retention.
  • The additional juicer hug will collect a high quantity of juice.
  • Slow squeezing to maintain the quality of the drink.
  • The motor produces less sound.
  • Very lightweight (3.76 Kg).
  • The assembling of the device is not very easy.
  • No extra warranty on the motor.
  • No recipe book.

Why is Borosil Health Pro BSJU20WB14 Slow Juicer Worthy of Buying?

Borosil is the best option for people who want a budget-friendly product. This is because it has all the beneficial features that aid in juice quality. However, you get all these at a lower price. Hence it can easily be the alternative cheaper option.


Usha Nutripress CPJ 361S 200-Watt Cold Press Juicer

Quality Juicer with Long Warranty
Usha Nutripress 361S 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Key Features

  • The Package: Main juicer unit, Recipe Book, Chamber, Pulp Container, 2 Fine Strainers, Smart Cap, Hopper, Instruction Manual, Cleaning Brush, Auger, Juice Container, and Coarse Filter.
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on motor.
  • It weighs 6.1 Kg
  • Power Requirement: 200 Watts
  • Motor Rotation: 70 RPM

Our View On Usha Nutripress 361S 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

What if you get all form of nutritional values in delicacies that suits everyone’s needs?

Kids and elders have severy different taste choices. Usha Nutriprss cold press juicer is curated for a wholesome family experience. All the versatility can be obtained as you can smoothen nuts, tough veggies, or fruits. Also, you can even make frozen desserts using this cold press slow juicer.

It has a highly superior auger that maintains the device for five years long. 2 years of guarantee on the product itself. This proves the machine’s quality and performance. Moreover, anyone can easily use this juicer from Usha as it is fully automated.

A cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning the device effectively. Hence, it prevents any bacterial infection. The pulp ejection efficiency and ease of cleaning prove it to be one of the best cold press juicers in India. Your kitchen will remain beautiful as the container will collect the pulp. No trash or spilling of materials will occur. Hence this juicer can be maintained for several years.

  • The juicer is durable with high longevity.
  • Thick juice is ejected due to the rough filters.
  • Crushing becomes easy due to the pusher.
  • Cleaning brush that removes all the lumps.
  • A separate juicing bowl and pulp container collect the juice and pulp easily.
  • A fine filter makes a smooth juice.
  • A Recipe book is given with it.
  • An extra warranty is given for the motor.
  • It does not crush the seed keeping the flavor of the fruit.
  • High motor RPM.
  • Short feeding tube.
  • Expensive.

Why is Usha Nutripress 361S Cold Press Slow Juicer Worthy of Buying?

Usha cold press juicer is highly fit for people who want various options. Coarse and fine filters are great for changing the juice quality. Similarly, the pusher can opt for better crushing. Separate juicing bowls also provide the option to the user.


Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer

High-Quality Cold Press Juicer
Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow juicer

Key Features

  • The Package: Juicer, warranty card and user manual
  • 2 containers- one for pulp (1.3 L) and another for juice (1 L)
  • Power Requirement: 140 Watts
  • Motor Rotation: 55 RPM
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • The juicer weighs only 3.92 Kg

Our View On Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer

Obtaining tasty and worthy fruit drinks is not troubled with Kenwood cold press juicer. Many juicers promise great quantity in a single churning. However, customers complain about more foams and less juice. It is one of the best cold press slow juicers that evade the foams. So, you can produce more quality juice with no color loss. Moreover, oxidation prevention helps you attain the bright, tasty juice at ago.

In the case of fruit juices, you might want to drink a smooth liquid that is nutritious. At other times, coarse smoothies can be the desire. Whatever is your need, Kenwood’s JMP400WH slow juicer will preserve the health benefits. You can thus make a healthy smoothie as prescribed by your doctor. Even you can prepare a cool drink with numerous ingredients. Kenwood, one of India’s superior juicer brands, helps sustain the juice quality and nutrition value.

You want the return on your investment while purchasing the juicer. Unfortunately, in many cases, the cold press juicers do not squeeze the ingredients properly. Known for its credibility, it has a slow aped auger. This aids in the proper squeezing of all the nutrients from the raw fruits, leafy veggies, and so forth.

  • It works at low temperatures; thus, most of the nutrients are retained.
  • Easy cleaning is possible by flowing water.
  • High longevity due to durable build quality.
  • Slow speed auger retains beneficial enzymes.
  • All the nutrients are crushed thoroughly to produce high quantity juice.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • The warranty is not directly provided by Kenwood. Orient Electric provides it if you buy only from Cloudtail India.
  • No extra warranty on the motor.
  • Comparatively low power of the motor.

Why is Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Juicer Worthy of Buying?

Panasonic is a renowned brand that has its fame because of its quality. Similarly, the cold press juicer is great for healthy drinks. You should purchase this product if you want high immunity. Yes, the slow-speed auger will retain the beneficial enzymes that enhance immunity.


Bajaj Platini VJ01 150-Watt Slow Juicer

High Durability and Performance

Key Features

  • The Package: Juicer, two containers for pulp and juice, one cleaning brush, one Strainer, one Grinding head, one Food hopper, one Food pusher, one Frozen fruit pulp maker, Warranty card and Instruction manual
  • Power Requirement: 150 Watts
  • Motor Rotation: 60 RPM
  • Waranty: 2 years on product
  • It weighs 4.56 Kg
  • Noise Rating: <70 dB
  • Juicer Body Material: ABS plastic

Our View On Bajaj Platini VJ01 150-Watt Slow Juicer

People suffer from the dilemma of choosing quality or price for the juicer. Bajaj is one of such cold press juicer brands that mingles the two needs. Therefore, you get an efficient juicer that does not add to your electricity bill. With just 150W energy requirement, combined with 60 RPM speed, the juicer will work to churn yummy drinks.

You might need a juicer that adapts to your desires. Producing too smooth or slightly pulpy or even coarse drinks is easy. Having several built-in options like the patented metal grinding head and bidirectional residue pushing structure will turn your passion into reality. Moreover, it comes with a LED function display that assists you in switching the speeds.

Many juicers heat up when continuously used for some time. Bajaj Platini VJ01 is a cold press juicer that can sustain high temperatures. Moreover, sustainable steel increases its efficiency. Hence, it efficiently ejects the pulp with zero hindrance.

The frozen food desert maker comes with the Bajaj juicer. Thus customers are gifted with versatile options when it comes to Bajaj. You do not have to buy an extra attachment due to its free availability. Experimenting with different recipes is an easy task with this juicer.

  • Durable components of the juicer.
  • In-built strainers are great for the great squeezing of the ingredients.
  • Electronic touch control makes it highly user-friendly.
  • Available with frozen food desert maker.
  • A “reverse” option is available to clear stuck pulps.
  • Safety lock prevents any mishaps.
  • The patented metal grinding head has a wear-proof metal ring that improves longevity.
  • The bi-directional structure allows the juice to move both in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction and prevents blockage.
  • Available with one cleaning brush.
  • No recipe book.
  • No extra warranty on the motor apart from 2 years of product warranty.
  • Noiseless than 70 dB is still higher than most of the previous products.
  • Only one strainer is provided.

Why is Bajaj Platini VJ01 150-Watt Slow Juicer Worthy of Buying?

You should buy this product for several features. However, the safety and performance features stand out making it a good cold press juicer. Therefore for easy juicing, that ensures security is highly valuable. Any mishaps or accidents when kids are around would be prevented in this case.

cold press juicer with fruits

Why Should You Buy A Cold Press Juicer?

Cold Press Juicers are worth buying for several reasons:

  1. They are designed specifically to retain nutritional values. In these times of increasing diseases, you must indulge good quality food. Therefore, all the beneficial nutrients are stored without adulteration.
  2. Having a good food habit will save you from catching any seasonal illness.
  3. You can even cure lifelong fatal diseases at a faster rate.

To increase the immunogens in the body, you need to eat more raw foods. Cooked foods do not retain all the nutrients. As a result, much of the helpful proteins, carbs, and micronutrients are lost. Let us have a look at the five key reasons for which you should prefer to buy a cold press juicer.

Cold Press Juicers Retain Nutrition

Nutritionists are thus recommending the usage of cold press juicers. They are the best to employ because cold press juicers have a slow juicing technique. Hence you do not have to eat the raw distasteful ingredient. On the contrary, you get the option to make it tastier. Since the cold press juicers produce dry pulp so no nutrition will be lost.

Dry pulp refers to the fibers that are extracted. Functioning on a slow mechanism, all the infiltrators will be stored. The best quality cold press juicers come with efficient filters and spacious pulp containers. So, all the nutrients will be extracted slowly and efficiently.

Cold Pressed Juice Is Beneficial For Health

Talking about the health benefits of cold press juicers, cold press juicers will not produce carcinogens. Studies have shown that high heating of the equipment might produce deadly chemicals.

Cold press juicers are best as they save the nutrients, as discussed. They are undoubtedly the best option to select over centrifugal juicers. Centrifugal juicers are known for speed, but it does not produce high quantity. They are hotly suitable for nutritional purposes.

Cold press juicers are better than blenders as well. However, hand blenders have different operations for different purposes. However, they are used for juicing sometimes. Cold press juicers are uniquely designed that you can use solely for producing quality juice. No mixture of pulp and juices will occur. Compare juicer vs blender to know more about their differences.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

From the aspect of cleaning and maintenance, the cold press juicers are the best fit. They come with a reverse functioning option. That way, you can easily clean a device by pouring water. Cloth can be used to wipe the device easily as well.

The best cold press slow juicer maintains ease of use. They can be easily disengaged and re-assembled. So, you can carry the gadget everywhere. Even you can clean the juicer effectively.

Slow Juicers Produce Low Noise

While functioning, the cold press juicer does not produce much noise. This is because they do not work on the centrifugal force like the centrifugal juicers, so there is low noise pollution.

Harsh ingredients are easily crushed in a cold press juicer due to the powerful auger. Hence you can obtain your vegan plant-based milk comfortably.

Cold Press Juicers are Energy Efficient

Cold press juicers are energy efficient. However, the energy efficiency will depend upon the power of the motor. But they are comparatively more energy efficient. The higher RPM or revolutions per minute, the faster is the speed. On average, a cold press juicer has a higher RPM than others. Therefore all your time is saved.

Therefore cold press juicers are worth buying. They are meant to save your money, energy, time, and of course, your health.

cold press juicer

Buying Guide To Choose the Best Cold Press Juicer

To choose the most suitable cold press juicer, you need to consider the key decision-making factors that play significant roles in it performance and quality of juice. Let us have a look at them-

Types of Cold Press Juicers

Your needs with using a juicer should be kept in mind while choosing a cold press juicer. There are two types of cold press juicers that work best. The first one is a vertical masticating juicer and the second one is a horizontal masticating juicer. Both the juicers have their importance in their sphere.

Vertical masticating juicers encompass all the needs regarding juice preparation. Juice leafy veggies, fruits, nuts, and any other eatable using this type of cold press juicer. They render great versatility and even restore high nutrition. Taste, as well as health, can be obtained using these juicers. So, if you are searching for all these qualities, then go for a vertical masticating juicer.

You can utilize a horizontal, masticating juicer for preparing other dishes. For example, you can prepare cold desserts and other delicacies using the horizontal one. Hence, you should opt for a horizontal cold press juicer if your requirements are these sort.

Other than the masticating types, you can opt for a centrifugal juicer that does not fall under the category of slow juicers. Centrifugal juicers are recommended if you are less bothered about nutrition. On the other hand, masticating or cold press juicers retain the nutritional value of the ingredients by the slow juicing technique.

The Juicing Capacity

The juicing capacity of cold press juicers depends upon the auger type. If the juicer has a robust auger, then it means that the juicing will be better.

juicing capacity of cold press juicers

Other than the auger, some juicers have a specially designed tube. Additionally, a feeding tube or feeding chute can aid the device’s juicing capacity. Also, a wide-mouthed juicer that supports the intake of numerous ingredients is excellent.

The motor installed inside the juicer acts as a deciding factor. The sturdier and robust the motor is, the juice quantity will surge. On the other hand, powerful motors would ensure that the machine’s capacity is well maintained.

If you want to use the machine for yourself only, then purchase a low-capacity juicer. This will save your budget as well. The best cold press Juicer for home with modern inbuilt mechanisms have adequate capacity.

It is advised to invest in a juicer that aids your lifestyle. Therefore we discussed both low and high juicing capacity juicers; you must select wisely.

Juicing Speed of Cold Press Juicers

The cold press juicers work at a low speed. Therefore, they are known as slow juicers. The slow juicing mechanism is not faster than a centrifugal juicer. With a high speed, the motor and the attached components on the centrifugal juicer produce more heat. This heat destroys the nutrition present in the fruit. Therefore, their primary focus is area is nutrition and not agility. Because of this reason, we desire cold pressed juice for our health.

For high juicing speed, you can quickly go for centrifugal or citrus juicers. These types of juicers have high revolutions per minute or rpm. They are professionally designed to promote speed. While the best citrus juicers in India do not need a high RPM, centrifugal juicers can work at 300 RPM and more. As the name suggests, centrifugal juicers implement centrifugal force. This force aids them in juicing at a tremendously higher rate. But they have less nutritional value. You can compare cold press juicer vs citrus juicer vs centrifugal juicer to know more about it.

Juice quality and Nutritional Value

One needs to pick a good juicer that registers high nutritional quality. Cold press juicers are the best in this regard as they extract a high quantity of nutrients. Their slow juicing technology will remove all the pulp from the ingredients. Thus, you can separate the pulp and produce juice differently. In this way, you can extract the maximum amount of micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals from juicing fruits like apples, mangoes, and oranges.

Centrifugal juicers work in a different mechanism. They churn and mix the ingredients at a faster rate. Hence centrifugal juicers waste most of the nutrients.

Cold press juicers that have a coarser strainer work best. So, going for a cold press slow juicer is the best option if you want to preserve health.

You can make cold press juices last for around 3-5 days. However, with time, the nutritional value lowers. But being able to store for these many days acts as a benefit. In addition, you get to batch make celery juices which would save time. In comparison, the juice produced by other juicers won’t sustain these many days.

Auger and Machine Performance

Auger of the most important component of a cold press juicer that decides a lot of factors. Among those factors, there is the spinning and churning force to separate the juice from the pulp. Hence, a good auger will assure that the machine spins in a substantial manner crushing everything.

The cold press juicers are built to assist a high-quality auger. They perform in the best possible manner to crush everything.

Often customers don’t get the desired results while utilizing a juicer. They are unable to obtain smooth juices. Hence, we recommend using a cold press juicer with a high-quality auger. It is highly useful for vegan people as they can crunch the hard nuts into nut milk at ease.

While the machine performance relies upon the internal mechanisms, cold press juicers with suitable motors will assist in the machine’s performance. Even the durability and longevity of a juicer counts for its performance quality. Therefore, you must select a juicer whose machine performance does not degrade with time. Juicer mixer grinders are a cheaper alternative to cold press juicers.

The best cold press juicer is the one that is built of good quality materials with high durability. So, you should invest in a cold press juicer that sustains. Keeping in mind these essential factors would give you a quality juicer.

pulp ejection of cold press juicer

The Efficiency Of Pulp Ejection

Juicer is separated from the blenders because of the pulp ejection factor. The best cold press juicer for home would be the one that creates no mess and extracts most of the juices from fruit. This is possible with higher efficiency of the pulp ejection.

Higher pulp ejection is an important factor. You can comfortably drink your juice without stressing about the pulp. Good juicers are the one that has a high filtration power.

Cold press juicers that have properly-sized chutes – are great options for the same. These chutes or feeding tubes will decide how effectively the pulp is ejected.

We always recommend choosing a juicer that supports good pulp ejection. Then only it can enhance the taste of the juice. Lesser the pulp in the juice, the tastier and smooth it will be.

In conclusion, we recommend you choose a cold press juicer that has suitable strainers. Using this kind of equipment, you can produce a thick, smooth juice that tastes heavenly.

Ease of use

The easier a juicer can be used, the better is it for beginners. No one wants to purchase a complex device that eats time. Juicers that support easy assembling and removal of parts must opt. By easy separation, they can become highly portable. You can carry these kinds of juicers for a picnic or any festivities.

A large feeding mouth in a juicer aids the user. A large quantity of juice can be produced in just seconds. Having a vast space, they can crunch more prominent ingredients at a time. Therefore, they increase the ease of use by adding to time efficiency. Your morning time will not be misused.

The pulp collector dish increases cold press juicers’ effectiveness. These different dishes come along with only a few juicers. However, they will make your work way more efficient by filtrating the pulp in a separate bowl.

ease of using a slow juicer

Cleaning and Maintenance

A juicer’s longevity relies upon the frequency and effectiveness of cleaning and maintenance. The good-quality cold press juicers can be easily disengaged and assembled.

Therefore, you can easily clean the device with no difficulty. Automated cold press juicers are the best as you can pour in water and run the machine. The device will clean itself.

External equipment like brushes that aids in the cleaning are great accessories. Some juicers have this free tool. However, maintaining a juicer should not eat your cash. Thus the cold press juicers that work effectively and are durable must be selected.

cold press juicer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cold press juicer better than other juicers?

Cold press juicers are a better option than any other type of juicer. It is because they retain higher nutrients by not heating up. In comparison, other juicers can produce deadly chemicals due to heating which is prevented by the cold press juicers. They are built in a way to provides the highest amount of nutrition. Raw ingredients like fruits and veggies have enough nutritional benefits. To reap these health benefits, one needs a cold press juicer over others.

Is a masticating juicer the same as a cold press?

Masticating juicer is an alternate name of a cold press juicer. They work at a slow speed to squeeze the ingredients thoroughly. Hence a drier pulp, more juice, and lesser foam are produced through them. Highly different from the centrifugal juicers, which run on centrifugal force.

Why is a cold-pressed juicer expensive?

Cold press juicers are made by a typical method. In which all the parts are specialized to bear extreme pressures. All the materials used are meant to store and squeeze the ingredients well. In this slow press method, a lot of heat is produced. The best cold-pressed juicer in India is heat protected. Their intricate mechanisms are quality based which adds to the customer’s health. Therefore they are costly, unlike other juicers, which are not so well built.

When should you drink cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed juice can be drunk at any time. It depends upon the ingredients and the juice you are preparing. At the same time, you should know that cold-pressed juices must be drunk within 4-5 days as they retain higher nutritional value when fresh. So, it is recommended to use fresh raw materials and to consume them freshly.

Do cold press juicers overheat?

The cold press juicers are sheathed from overheating. Due to the protective materials, they don’t heat up quickly. Hence all the vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients are stored in the ingredients, designed to eliminate the excessive heat produced in the process. Churning tough vegetables, nuts can be hectic for the machine. This can cause overheating. But cold-pressed juicers can bear that.

Which fruits and vegetables can be juiced with a cold press juicer?

The best cold press juicer can squeeze all kinds of fruits and vegetables. But most of them might not properly juice the leafy veggies. You can use them for grinding fibrous ingredients in a better way. Hence is the best fit for tough veggies.

Can cold press juicers cleanse and detoxify our system?

Yes, it can. Cold press juicers clean the body of harmful toxins. As the juice produced is supremely healthy and raw, diseases can be cured. Healthy juices can reduce chronic diseases that remain lifelong. Cold-pressed juicers are the best fit to create great nutritive fluids. Hence normal body function like blood circulation and digestion is aided.

India’s Best Cold Press Juicer: Conclusion

Cold press juicers are not an option, they have become nutritional needs. Anyone who is striving for good health must opt for them. Indians are becoming more aware of new juice benefits. Even nutritionists are advising people to include regular raw juices.

Other than the health benefits, cold-pressed juicers are user-friendly. You must indulge the cold-pressed juices every day. They will sheath you from various diseases, cure your chronic diseases like diabetes, and so on. Prevent yourself from falling into challenging situations due to bad food habits. To battle the unhealthy conditions that have crowded the world, you need to remove toxins, which are also done through raw juices.

The antioxidants that a glass of cold-pressed juice contains surpasses other healthy food items. For example, celery, carrots, fruits, nut milk are ingredients that a body needs to cure wounds. Hence, a cold press juicer serves in preventing as well as curing diseases. To juice hard vegetables like carrots, go for the best juicers for carrots and beetroots in India and find out which one suits you most.

We have covered all the juicers with different features that you can glance through and pick the best cold press slow juicer in India to buy in 2022. Apart from the listed products, Hafele Magnus cold press juicer can be another lucrative option. Therefore, you have all the options in your hand; invest wisely. Compare the cold press juicers, check them thoroughly, and then choose your favorite.

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