How to Juice Apples with a Juicer? – The Benefits and Preparation

One of the most commonly available and consumed juices by people around is apple juice. No wonder it tastes sweet and is very healthy. You can find both filtered and unfiltered forms of apple juice in the market. This healthy juice is mainly 88% water and 11% carbohydrates, including sugar, and almost 0% fat or protein.  

You might not be aware that apple juice has a pH of 3.4. You need to pasteurize at a lower temperature as compared to other juices. More than 1700 cases of people falling ill were recorded in the US and Canada over a period of 20 years due to consuming unpasteurized juice. The reason for such illnesses can depend on various other factors other than pasteurization, like if the apples are kept in contaminated containers or have gone through improper cleaning, etc. Thus, homemade fresh-prepared apple juice is always safe and healthy.

You need to make apple juice in a juicer by following the correct way so that it does not disintegrate soon and you can consume it fresh to enjoy the maximum benefits. You can also refrigerate the juice if you are making it fresh at home.

However, you can store canned juice in a cool and dark place. It will increase the life of the apple juice, but its color, texture, and taste might deteriorate with time. When you open the apple juice bottle, you need to reseal it and refrigerate it to avoid spoilage or contamination.

While you consume pasteurized apple juice, the unfiltered and unpasteurized version of the juice is also consumed which is called apple cider.

How Much Apple Juice Should You Drink a Day?

Apple juice benefits can give you several reasons to include it in your daily diet. However, it is not good for your health if consumed in large quantities. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids in the age group from 1-4 should drink 120ml or 1/2 cup of apple juice every day to enjoy the benefits.

From 4-6 years of children can drink 120-175ml or 1/2 to 3/4th of a cup of apple juice daily. Above 7 years of age, you can drink around a cup of juice or 240ml of apple juice in a day. This quantity will not have any adverse effect on health. 

how to make apple juice with a juicer

How to Make Apple Juice with a Juicer?

While eating a whole apple is the best way of consuming it, people often prefer having the juice. When you know that the extra apples might get wasted, extracting the juice from it is the best way out. The color of the juice might change, but that is not a problem. You can add few drops of lemon juice, and it will retain its color. Fresh apples will give the best taste of the juice. However, different varieties will eventually give different tastes. 

  • Red apple will give a delicious sweet taste.
  • Sweet tango apple will give a sour taste first and then will change to sweet at the end. 
  • Honeycrisp apple will provide a sweet and tart flavor. It is not acidic.
  • Braeburn apple will give a balanced, sweet, and fresh taste.

We will discuss how to make apple juice with a juicer step-by-step. It is highly recommended to use a cold press juicer to make the apple juice, you will need an apple, juicer, peeler, corer, lemon juice, cutting board, and juice filter. It will not take more than 15 minutes to make the juice once you have everything in hand. Take apples in a suitable quantity and follow the instructions below.

  1. Wash the apples properly.
  2. Get the seeds removed and peel if required.
  3. Properly slice the fruit and put it in the juicer. The instructions of the juicer should be followed, and you will get the pulp separately. If you wish, you can use the pulps for different purposes.
  4. The juice that comes out will have some foam on the top. If you want, you can filter it for a foam-free juice. Otherwise, it is not harmful.
  5. You can add few drops of lemon to remove the risk of a change in color with time.
  6. You can have the juice now or store it in the refrigerator. 

Nowadays, people also use centrifugal juicers or juicer mixer grinders to juice apples. However, the best process is cold press juicing, in which the juicer will slowly process, grind and press the fruit to give the juice. Between the two, the cold press method is better than the centrifugal juicing. The slower speed of the cold press juicer with self-feeding technology will provide better juice.

Recommended Juicers To Make Apple Juice:

Benefits of Drinking Apple Juice at Home

Benefits of Drinking Apple Juice at Home

It Fights Dehydration

There are numerous apple juice benefits. You can consume it every day, which will lead to better health and solve many health issues. However, it is advised to take it in small quantities and better to dilute for children. As we know, apple juice has 88% water; this helps you remain hydrated throughout the day. It is sweet, which makes it easy to consume. Apple juice is also good for people who are at risk of dehydration.

Another apple juice benefit is that doctors recommend apple juice for babies at least a year old. They are advised to drink the juice mixed with water to reduce the chances of dehydration. It has been researched and found that children who are mildly dehydrated due to diarrhea or vomiting consuming diluted apple juice will have lesser need of any externally injected fluid.

Lose Weight with Apple Juice

One of the amazing apple juice benefits is that it has a lot of dietary fiber, which helps lose excess weight. This fiber helps in keeping you full for longer hours and will prevent you from overeating. It has phenolic acids and flavonoids, which prevent inflammation and other complications which can lead to cancer. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that apple juice has anti-cancer properties. 

Apple Juice Helps to Digest

Like orange juices, and pomegranate juices, drinking apple juice every day will help in the improvement of digestion. It will keep the digestive system clean by regulating bowel movements. Research has shown that consuming apple juice every day helps in maintaining the cholesterol level as well. It also detoxifies the body by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. 

It Prevents Breathing Issues

Apple juice improves the capacity of the lung and makes it stronger to prevent any issues in breathing. Apple juice has Vitamin A that is essential for the improvement of eyesight as well as avoiding any eye-related problems. It helps avoid free radical damage in the body, which in turn avoids issues related to brain damage. The liver gets to function better when the toxins are out of the body. Apple juice regulates urination to promote better function of the liver.      

Apple Juice Helps before and after Surgery

Some people often refrain from eating or drinking before surgeries. However, they are advised to drink clear fluids like apple juice before surgery and post-surgery. One of the apple juice benefits is that it makes the patient less thirsty after surgery. It can also help in avoiding any development of insulin resistance.

Apple juice is offered to patients before surgery to prevent the backflow of food particles into the lungs. It has also been found that patients who consume drinks before surgery have fewer chances of nausea after surgery.    

Avoid Diarrhea with Consuming Optimal Amount of Apple Juice

When a person is suffering from an upset stomach, he/she will lose lots of water from the body. When this happens, many good bacteria are also lost from the intestine, which leads to slow recovery in the patient’s health. In this case, apple juice will help in replenishing lost fluids in the body.

However, it is recommended to have apple juice in small quantities, and if the diarrhea is troubling a lot, you should dilute the juice a little and then consume it. Drinking apple juice in large amounts and concentrated form might lead to diarrhea. The reason behind it is that apple juice has around 9% sugar and a high fructose level. The human body has a lower capacity to digest fructose at a given time.

According to WebMD, some people who are intolerant to fructose daily can face digestive problems. Therefore, consuming apple juice every day in large quantities might upset your stomach.

Prevent Constipation with Consuming Small Quantities of Apple Juice

It is often thought that apple juice might cause constipation. It is advisable to take the juice in small quantities. You get the best advantage when you take it in smaller amounts. The juice contains 88% water along with pectin, which is a water-soluble fiber. Pectin helps in regulating bowel movements.

However, it also contains fructose which, if taken in large quantities, might cause stomach upset. When you make apple juices, the fiber content is significantly reduced, which does not help in getting relief from constipation. If taken in small quantities, apple juice might help you in overcoming constipation.

Apple Juice helps During Pregnancy

Apple juice benefits are important for a pregnant woman. Since apple is rich in iron, it improves the level of hemoglobin which in turn prevents anemia. It helps in keeping you hydrated and from gaining weight. One of the amazing benefits is that it helps in the brain development of the expected child.

The fiber, micronutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins help in improving the digestion system and regulate bowel movement. This is very important for a pregnant woman to avoid constipation. The juice helps in getting rid of morning sickness and nausea due to the presence of antioxidants. 

It Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Apple juice also helps in reducing cholesterol levels which in turn will help in solving heart-related problems. Vitamin C helps in improving immunity and resistance to illnesses. There are some recommendations.

Although Apple juice benefits are many, it should be taken in small quantities if consumed every day. It is advisable not to use packaged juice; instead, try to make it fresh at home. We will soon discuss how to make apple juice with a juicer. 

Diabetics Should Consume Apple Juice Cautiously

Apple is healthy, and a person with diabetes should not get adversely affected by consuming its juice. However, a diabetic person should regularly check the blood sugar level to understand if the juice is affecting the sugar level or not. It is advisable to drink fresh juice rather than the packaged ones since the latter contains more sugar.

It helps to Cure Kidney Stones

The problem of kidney stones has become quite common nowadays. The pain that it causes sometimes becomes unbearable. The research has shown that apple juice has antioxidants that help in preventing kidney stones. Moreover, it is also useful if a stone has already formed in the kidney. Drinking a small quantity of apple juice regularly will help in getting rid of the stones through urine. In this case, the unpasteurized form of apple juice, i.e., the apple cider vinegar, also helps. Drinking the vinegar with water regularly will help in removing the stones from the kidney.

Apple Juices are Rich in Vitamin C

Apple juice contains Vitamin C and potassium that help in fighting the flu. Anyone with having weak immune system should drink a small quantity of apple juice every day to fight any illnesses and make immunity stronger. The juice is recommended for babies as well in case of cough. To get more benefits of vitamin C, you can also drink Amla juice regularly.

Reduce Acidity with Apple Juices

Apple juice does not increase the acidic problem; instead, it helps to reduce it. It is good for people who have acidic issues consuming red apple juice but avoid green apple or its juice. Green apples are more acidic. 

apple juice

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Juices

Can you put a whole apple in a juicer?

No, it is advisable not to put the whole apple in the juicer. It is important to remove the seeds of the fruit, which contain amygdalin, which is poisonous once it gets inside the stomach. Moreover, it is important to prepare the fruit first since many juicers have small food chutes. The whole fruit will not fit in.

Do you need to peel apples before juicing?

You can use the peel while juicing the apple, which has many nutritional benefits that add to the apple juice benefits. It contains magnesium, iron, potassium, folate, and antioxidants. Most of the fiber of the fruit remains in the peel. Removing them will mean getting deprived of nutrition. You can peel the fruit to get the sweet taste, but it will be healthier with the peel.  

How long does homemade apple juice last?

If the homemade juice is being made in the centrifugal juicer, it will last for a day or 24 hours. If you use a cold press juicer, the juice will last for 3-5 days. It is important to refrigerate, though, if you do not want to drink it instantly.

What are the most popular apple juice brands?

The most popular brands of apple juice are- Tropicana by PepsiCo, Real Fruit Juices by Dabur, B-Natural by ITC, Paper Boat by Hector Beverages, Safal by Mother Dairy, and Minute Maid by Coca-Cola.

Is 100% apple juice good for you?

Pure apple juice is loaded with good health. However, having it in large quantities might increase sugar levels and calories with other complications. Taking it in small amounts will be a perfect add-on to your daily diet.

What is the best time to drink apple juice?

The best time to drink apple juice is during breakfast or before breakfast. It will be better to drink it in the first half of the day so that there is no increase in the sugar level.

Is drinking apple juice the same as eating an apple?

No, eating a whole apple is better than apple juice unless you are using a cold press juicer. While processing the juice, the fiber, vitamins, and minerals might get lost to some extent. Whereas when eating the fruit, you will get the whole benefit of the fruit. 

Is orange juice better than apple juice?

Yes. Orange juice has more vitamins and minerals than apple juice. It is the powerhouse of Vitamin C and has two times more potassium than an apple. It also fulfills the dose of folic acid required in a day.

Apple Juicing – Bottom Line

As soon as you pick the apples, clean and process them before juicing. There are different ways of making apple juice, depending on what the end product will be like. Anyone can juice apples at their homes too using a suitable juicer.

We have seen the apple juice benefits as well as how to make apple juice with a juicer. Well, as the famous proverb goes, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away‘ you should try to include a small quantity of apple juice every day in your diet. It will help you in achieving overall good health and stay away from sicknesses.   

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