Most of us know about the nutritious value of fresh fruit juices. In 100 g orange juice, one can get about 42 kcal of energy, 30.5 mg vitamin C and 9.4 g carbohydrate. A delicious breakfast is incomplete without a glass of juice. Fresh fruit juices contain more fiber, antioxidants, hydration, natural sugar, and no preservatives with tremendous health benefits.

Getting fresh fruit juice at your home can be easier if you own a good-quality juicer machine. But getting an excellent juicer is difficult among hundreds of brands with more than ten thousand products available in the market. Also, there are juicers for specific purposes.

When choosing a product, we all have different requirements for capacity, applicability, power and price. But we all want the best product that suits our budget. Projuicer.in helps you find the most suitable juicer for your specific home requirement.

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When buying a juicer, it is crucial to choose an ideal product among different juicers based on your specific requirements. On ProJuicer.in, we focus on the key deciding factors like usability, quality, durability, capacity, and power consumption to find out and review different types of juicers.

Looking at all the available online resources, we realized that information offered by most of these sites is not enough or not well organized to assist you in making the correct decision in the shortest period. The decision to get a juicer needs to be well-informed and well-thought that demands proper understanding. ProJuicer.in aims to fill this gap, and our vision is to be the #1 online source for anything and everything connected to Juicers in India.


Projuicer.in works to help out juicer lovers and enthusiasts choosing the best suitable juicers with the review, price comparison, buying guide and expert tips. Here you can also find a comparison of different juicers and brands, which can help you more. Read the terms and conditions of accessing, using and reading all information we share.


Any article that you can find on ProJuicer is written and edited by our highly efficient team with years of experience followed by market research, analysis, product review and web development.

Whether you would like to obtain a new juicer or have some questions related to the juicer you’re using, ProJuicer.in is your one-stop source for all of the info about juicers.

Each of the products and articles we publish contains in-depth product information about how it is physically or how it is used based on our research, analysis and testing.


In India, juicers are available with a price ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 30000. There are different types of juicers for this large price range- cold press juicer, centrifugal juicer, citrus juicer, juicer mixer grinder, hand press juicer, smoothie maker and lemon squeezer. Different brands are expert manufacturers for different types of juicers. So, the brand selection is very vital.

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Along with that, the capacity, usability and durability also play a vital role when determining the worthiness of a juicer. ProJuicer offers well-researched review and buying guides for juicer machines and answers, tips and recommendations for various queries that we struggle with.

While sharing any information, we focus on the following points with high priority-

  • Expert and in-depth knowledge of every juicer we write about
  • All conclusions are based on thorough research, analysis and testing (Some products do not need physical testing as they are significantly better or worse)
  • Identify the key decision-making factors that affect the performance
  • Benefits and drawbacks of every juicer
  • Comparison with related products- factors that makes a juicer worthy
  • Latest and comparative price information

Who Is Behind ProJuicer.in?

ProJuicer has a team of content creators, graphic designers, developers, and marketers led by Kajal Menon, a professional mixologist with more than 10 years of experience. After learning Bartending and Mixology, she worked in various restaurants and bars, making different types of smoothies, mocktails, juices, and cocktails.

As Kajal knows the ingredients and the involved juicers, blenders, mixers, and grinders very well, she created the blog ProJuicer.in to share her tremendous experience and help everyone. You can Follow Kajal on Twitter to get the latest updates!

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Kajal Menon

Kajal Menon

Kajal is a professional mixologist, expert in juicing various fruits and vegetables, mixing mocktails and cocktails. She has a wide experience of juicing, mixing, grinding, and blending with different types of juicers, mixers, grinders and blenders.