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Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are essential for a healthy lifestyle. High-quality juicers retain the nutrient balance and keep the juice in perfect condition for a long time. ProJuicer.in helps you to choose suitable juicers for your needs with professional reviews, guides you to use them, and shares various practical information to make the most out of them. Not only juicer, but Projuicer.in is also an expert in blenders, smoothie makers, and mixer grinders that are essential kitchen appliances to process vegetables and fruits. Here, check out our best picks- Top 10 Juicers.

Types of Juicer Machines

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Learn more about us and know how we research, analyze and test different types of juicers before we recommend and review them.

Market Research

By researching the market, you can know the market trends and latest releases. We research the market for you to find the most reputed brands.

Identifying Key Features

Every juicer in the Indian market has some key features that help the buyer to know the worthiness. We analyze all these details to find out these crucial buying factors like usability, efficiency, quality, durability, power consumption.

Selecting Juicers

Based on these important factors, we select the top-rated juicers and compare them; which you can find in every review article we publish.

Manual Testing

After sorting out the potential best products, we manually test them based on the key decision-making factors. For some juicers, a manual examination is not needed as they are significantly better or worse than the other juicers.

Documentation and Review

After completing all the tests and analyses, it’s time to photograph and document all our findings. When writing any review or buying guide, we always give importance to the quality with a goal to help the users.